Konstantin Terekhin

Konstantin Terekhin


  • Date of birth: September 06, 1993
  • 28 years old
  • Address - 43 Bridge Street GOETRE, UK


Konstantin has been into gambling and sports topic since adolescence so he surely knows how to deliver articles on the SlotsJudge site. Having experience as a writer, he now works as an editor in our team and makes sure that the content we post are of high quality.

Hi there! I’m Konstantin Terekhin. Since adolescence, I’ve been fully plunged in the gambling & sports topic, given my father’s occupation as a professional poker player and sportscaster. 

After doing writing commissions for minor gambling websites for 6 months and working as a Help Centre Assistant at the company I cannot refer to, I was kindly invited to SlotsJudge for an editor position.

Now, my first and foremost responsibility is to make sure the content our team delivers corresponds to the high bar set for quality: everything from intuitively understandable formatting to the topics we decide to cover. Pretty sure no weaknesses you noticed there, right?

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