BetSoft Adds Mini Games to Its Portfolio

The major difference is in the features of mini-games

The major difference is in the features of mini-games

While the bonus games and all the other elements of the slot remain the same as in the regular version of the game, the biggest difference between them is that mini-games offer much more performance-friendly features. Specifically, BetSoft’s mini-games have a much faster loading time, as they are smaller in size than regular online slots, which is already very convenient.

Another major advantage of mini-games is that they have their signature quality, as these slots have 320x420 and 305x305 sizes, which allows you to attach them to, let’s say, the sidebar of your browser and access them a lot faster. Besides, this allows for much better customisation.

Mini Games that BetSoft makes also have some benefits compared to regular online slots

In addition to all this, there are also some other great things mini-games offer that we think would be amazing for players. The most important element is that these games would be a lot more convenient to us because we would be able to access whatever slot we want a lot quicker and easier. On top of that, mini-games will help bring some variety into our gaming experience, which means more novelty and fun!

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