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Insights into Piggy Tap

Insights into Piggy Tap

Piggy Tap isn’t a regular slot machine, but rather an instant win game. Furthermore, it’s very different from most instant win games since this format is innovative. We want to know everything about the game creation, the main ideas behind its development, and whatever. Jekaterina prepared a range of interesting questions, and Christina and Vladimir know firsthand everything about Piggy Tap creation, so the interview is going to be thrilling!

Overview of Onlyplay's ‘Piggy Tap'

Piggy Tap’s concept is so outpacing. Players need to tap on the Piggy, trying to break it and get coins from the inside. It’s a multiplayer fast game, so gamblers see other players tapping on the Piggy Bank in real-time. Christina says that everything in the game, be they features, mechanics, or the idea itself, is her and Vladimir’s common achievement since they work on all these things together.

Inspiration Behind Piggy Tap

Jekaterina could not but ask about Onlyplay’s inspiration and ideas behind Piggy Tap. Interestingly, Christina mentioned the significant help of Alyona, the company’s Head of Sales. She showed the team an old-school game with a piggy bank, which led to the creation of the jaw-dropping Piggy Tap casino game we can see today. Of course, the team focused special attention on the balance mechanics and creative features.

‘Not a word more. We immediately understood what we should create’, said Christina about the very first steps of Piggy Tap creation.

Key Moments in the Creation Process

Vladimir highlighted interaction and high speed as the main aspects behind the game. He’s sure that nobody likes to wait, so the model where players see the results of each round immediately keeps them more involved and entertained.

Onlyplay has the facilities to combine these two factors, so, according to Vladimir, their synchronous bet system is the future. Christina adds that it’s a great solution in the era of mobile users, fast content, and social media pages like TikTok, and the company’s task is to retain players’ attention in this fast-paced digital world.

Team's Personal Engagement with Piggy Tap

Here at Slotsjudge, we enjoy new games by our partners and test them ourselves. That’s why Jekaterina asked Onlyplay’s team whether they do the same. And yes, Christina shared with us that they do play their games a lot before the release date, including evenings and weekends since they want to understand whether everything is working correctly and players get their portion of excitement when launching the title.

‘We are not playing like gamblers, we are playing like developers, adds Christina to explain that they must track all the aspects to improve or fix before the release, so this gameplay is a kind of test rather than just playing for entertainment.

Vladimir also shared an interesting insight: For me, I’m always on the players’ side. I’m happy for the players when they win.’ In this regard, he adds that Onlyplay makes games not only interesting but also profitable in terms of mechanics and payout parameters.

Piggy Tap as a Culinary Dish

Well, Jekaterina's next question was unusual since it’s pretty challenging to imagine what dish can be associated with a slot game. Christina suggested it could be McDonald’s because it’s fast, simple, and accessible to everyone. Vladimir also added that it could be something like Pig Mac or Piggy Mac, which sounds hilarious.

Technical Challenges in Developing Piggy Tap

Since Piggy Tap’s mechanics are quite complex, Jekaterina decided to find out about the possible challenges Onlyplay could face when working on the game. Vladimir admitted that the work was really hard and the team had certain issues beyond power control since some partners couldn’t provide systems to meet the standards of the new fast game. Creating the asynchronous balance system was another challenge the team overcame.

‘It’s innovative. We just have a very professional team’, said Vladimir explaining how they overcame all these difficulties and created a new fast game with innovative solutions.

Unique Piggy Tap Feature

Christina is sure that simplicity and brightness are the first things making Piggy Tap so catchy. The desire to break the piggy bank keeps players engaged. Of course, Onlyplay couldn’t release such a cool game without bonus features, so free spins, N tap, and X multiplier symbols make Piggy Tap interesting for the audience.

Infinite Jackpot in Piggy Tap

The Infinite Jackpot feature in Piggy Tap is a new word in gambling. Vladimir says that the game’s jackpot pool works like a partner pool. This means that if you play Piggy Tap at a certain casino, the specified jackpot pool will be particularly for that casino. About 5% of each bet goes to the prize pool.

The jackpot drawing starts every 6 or 12 minutes, which is random. Thus, even a newbie who doesn’t know how all these jackpot systems work can randomly hit a large jackpot prize. Unlike the case with slots where the prize pools are drawn within a long period, players can get jackpots instantly and frequently, and Vladimir believes that it’s a revolutionizing solution.

Visual and Design Elements

Piggy Tap is a vibrant fast game with amazing visuals. Christina states that the pig is the game’s main art element since it’s a very charismatic character. But she also adds that the fun environment and good sound design work add to the atmosphere of luck and fun.

Celebrities in Piggy Tap

Jekaterina’s questions are always interesting, so she offered Onplyplay’s experts to imagine what celebrities could be challenged in Piggy Tap. Vladimir would like to see at least Chuck Norris because he’s fast enough to break the pig. Some funny memes with him also sound fun. Christina agrees with him, so maybe it will even turn out into the idea for a new release.

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Exclusive interview with Onlyplay | New Instant Game Piggy Tap | Slotsjudge
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