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Why Are We Attracted to Inferno/Fire

Why Are We Attracted to Inferno

As we will expand on later, the inferno has its roots in hell. And because hell is a central concept in Christianity, there has always been a lot of interest and speculation around it. If someone’s soul is deemed morally unclean, they go to hell. What awaits someone in this (quite literally) god-forsaken place? There’s no way to know. But because it is a potential eternal place for a person after life on earth, they’re naturally going to wonder what that experience will be like.

There’s just as much (or perhaps even more) interest in fire, the main feature people envision in images of hell. Of course, there’s an overlap between inferno and fire. However, human interest in fire goes way beyond the afterlife. There are various theories on why we’re still drawn to fire, some of which have to do with our evolution and survival. Fire played a huge role for early humans, from warmth to improved diet options to protection. It even allowed early humans to migrate to colder climates! And even though we have spent centuries perfecting the inside of our homes, people still congregate around a fire source and commune. For others, simply looking at fire puts them into a kind of trance.

Inferno Themes Throughout History

The etymology of the word inferno is linked to hell. And because the interpretation of hell always involves fire, it has become synonymous with anything involving this element. This has been cemented by the timeless poem Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The inferno section involved a lot of fire, so expect it to be part of any inferno slot in one form or another. Some game studios closely follow the true meaning of inferno, so you’ll see lakes of fire, along with scary creatures and what people imagined is in the very depths of the earth. In this case, the fire element may not be as prominently used.

However, it is not just the heat of this fire that has inspired many of the slot titles on the market today. Considered one of the most important discoveries of the human race, fire also illuminates. That’s why many inferno-themed titles have symbols and designs that have some kind of glow to them!

Best Inferno Slots

Where there is fire, there’s inferno! Because of the loose interpretation of inferno for online slots, consider every game with a fire or heat element a game under this theme. This has increased the mass appeal of inferno and fire slots and expanded the slot titles available.

So, which ones are at the top of the list? There are many amazing fire slot games offered by game studios worldwide, but based on our assessment, we recommend that you try these first:

Fireball Inferno

Fireball Inferno slot

The talented game developers at NetGaming took a terrifying topic like burning and transformed it into a very lively and vibrant fiesta through Fireball Inferno. Released in October 2023, this game has a high volatility and an RTP of 94.4%. Coupled with a maximum win of 1,320 times your original bet, everything about this online slot machine is just muy caliente! Watch out for the Fireball symbols, which trigger the re-spins feature, open extra rows, and give you a chance to land the Grand Jackpot of 1,000 times your bet amount.

Gems Inferno Megaways

Gems Inferno Megaways slot

Gems Inferno Megaways wraps the theme concept around two things. First, there’s the fact that gems are formed with pressure and heat within the depths of the earth. Second, the fiery forge helps transform metals and gemstones into beautiful pieces of jewellery. And with the generous max win of 2,553 times the bet amount, RTP of 92.7%, and 117,649 potential slot lines, no one will be able to resist this rare gem of a slot game. And truly is gems galore with this Megaways title, with the bonus round Gemmed! where players can land amazing multipliers to help generate sky-high wins.

Inferno Diamonds 100

Inferno Diamonds 100 slot

Inferno Diamonds 100 is 100% the best choice if you like having a taste of everything that made the slot game the casino powerhouse that it is today. In this high volatility slot, the Inferno element is a little bit more subtle as you’ll only see the fire on the virtual video slot that houses the reels. But if you are keen to see the classic-inspired slot symbols burning brightly, you’ll easily recognise Fugaso’s genius here. Enjoy an RTP of 96.5%, a max win of 5,000 times your bet, plus Day 2 Day Jackpots when you play this fantastic 2023 release.

Inferno Diamonds

Inferno Diamonds slot

Do you love Inferno Diamonds 100 but have a relatively conservative risk appetite? You don’t have to dig through the deepest trenches of the earth to find your diamond! Inferno Diamonds from the same game studio is the perfect option for you. This slot game is in many ways identical to the other Fugaso releases, including the RTP of 96.50%. But here, the volatility is medium, and the maximum win is lower at only 1,500 times your bet.

Book of Inferno

Book of Inferno slot

Inferno comes in its purest form in the Book of Inferno, a 2023 Quickspin release. Unlike the other games featured in our list, this stays true to the etymological meaning of Inferno, which is hell. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, you’ll see many of the elements that were featured in the poem, like lakes of fire and forces of evil. However, what makes this game a true standout is the animation when hitting a winning pay line, which greatly complements the graphics. If you’re interested in seeing hell come alive, this five-reel, high-volatility game will surely entertain and keep your imagination running wild.

Golden Dragon Inferno

Golden Dragon Inferno slot

Golden Dragon Inferno mixes the Asian and inferno themes perfectly, using a dragon as a central character. Although normally associated with water, it reimagines the Asian dragon as a fire-breather while still bringing prosperity to you. Other interesting features like the Golden Buddha, traditional Chinese music, and the colour red (considered a lucky colour) round out the whole experience. The best part? From free spins to jackpots, there are many opportunities to win big! Lock 15 positions in the Hold & Win Bonus to get the grand prize or a random multiplier of up to 10x to increase your win in the main game.

Inferno Joker

Inferno Joker slot

Released by Play’n GO in 2019, Inferno Joker is a simple slot title that combines the classic with the Inferno theme. Apart from the Scatter symbol (the fiery-looking Inferno Joker) that opens the path for you to receive 2,500x of your bet, there are no other special features here. However, there’s a mini-game where you can guess the colour or suit of the card to further increase your winnings. After winning at any round, click “Gamble” to risk it all for the chance of bigger returns. Playing slots will always be exciting with this high-volatility game with a 96.4% RTP.

Diamond Mystery Stars Inferno

Diamond Mystery Stars Inferno slot

Inspired by the classic slot machines that use fruits, the lucky number 7, and the bell as the symbols, Diamond Mystery Starts Inferno reinvigorates an old theme with a fun twist. The bright and shining star symbol substitutes all other symbols, holds the reel, and triggers a respin, improving the gameplay while still keeping things simple. You can also hit four jackpots, each of which is represented by a precious gem where the diamond is the most valuable. So, if you prefer your online slot gaming without all the bells and whistles, this title is guaranteed to be an appealing option.

Best Casinos with Inferno slots

Now that you have solid recommendations on what to try, the next step is to find reliable platforms to play at. Visit these online casinos and take a spin at the top Inferno slots that they have to offer:

Hellspin Casino

It may look like the depths of hell all around, but the gaming experience is always heavenly with HellSpin Casino. Launched in 2022, this online casino boasts responsive customer support, fast withdrawals, mobile compatibility, and, most importantly, a fantastic selection of the best titles today. And yes, this includes Inferno-themed games. As far as the user experience goes, you get everything and more in this heavenly slice of hell.

Boomerang Casino

If options are what you’re looking for, you’ve got them with Boomerang Casino. This online casino has more than 4,000 titles across various themes and gameplay, ensuring that there’s always at least one game that will appeal to you. Plus, moving your money in and out of your account will always be easy as there are 50 payment methods available, including crypto.

Zotabet Casino

Zotabet Casino makes it easy for you to get back up and running after a loss with its daily cashback bonus of up to 20%. Meanwhile, winners will enjoy withdrawals with no upper limit using many cryptocurrencies. For crypto cashouts, you’ll get your winnings within 24 hours, too! The best part? You can install an app on your mobile device or desktop, making access to Zotabet’s Inferno slots as easy as it can ever get.

Rank Casino Advantage Bonus Claim
1 Hellspin logo


Welcome offer: up to €2,400 + 150 Free Spins

Claim Bonus Visit Hellspin

18+ | New players only | Terms Apply | Please play responsibly |

2 22Bet logo


Welcome Package: up to €300

Claim Bonus Visit 22Bet

18+ | New players only | Terms Apply | Please play responsibly |

3 Ricky casino logo

Ricky casino

Welcome Package: up to €2,000 + 200 Free Spins

Claim Bonus Visit Ricky casino

18+ | New players only | Terms Apply | Please play responsibly |

Inferno Slots: Evoking Feeling of Fun in Terror

Regardless of religion, the threat of eternal damnation will always be pretty scary! However, slot games are never designed to terrify players; after all, why would they keep playing if they couldn’t even enjoy the visuals on the screen? So, even if you consider yourself a scaredy cat, rest assured that you’ll still have fun spinning the reels on Inferno slots. Expand your horizons, spin, and hope to win!

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