Were You Aware of These 5 Roulette-Related Fun Facts?

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Indeed, roulette is considered a favorite by many players and casino visitors from around the world. And even though most, if not all of you, have heard otherwise, it is an entirely random game. And yes, for better or worse, there is no magical strategy that will guarantee the player success.

Sure, there are plenty of hoax strategies and whatnot, but none of them are completely foolproof. Neither will they ever be. This means one thing for the player giving this gambling game a try: don’t sweat it too much and leave your fate in the lovely hands of Lady Luck. In translation, you should put your thoughts at ease and try your best at trusting your gut instinct. And if you indeed prove to be lucky on that particular day, you may just end up with some pretty decent wins in a very short time.

Five Roulette Fun Facts for You

But before you decide to take a shot at the roulette tables (or get back to it, if you’ve already tried it), why not first go through these little-known roulette-related facts? After all, this seemingly small bit of extra knowledge may be just the thing you needed to win bigger at the famous ‘wheel of fortune’ which any casino offers. Curious? Read on then, and enjoy!

1. The Devil’s Game, You Say?

You may or may not have heard Roulette being referred to so charmingly as ‘The Devil’s Game’. Sounds scary all right, but why such a nickname in the first place? Most players, even seasoned ones, when asked this question, come out speechless.

And no, despite what one may guess, it has absolutely nothing to do with the pure amount of boiling rage a player can feel in seeing the wheel land on the wrong color for the umpteenth time now. And indeed, such unlucky streaks are anything but uncommon: you bet on red, it comes out black several times in a row, and vice-versa.

But despite the sheer horror of such a situation, like we said, it’s not the reason behind this malevolent moniker. We admit that the real reason is somewhat of a disappointment and rather anti-climactic. It’s all due to the roulette wheel itself. Don’t get it? Well, you see, when you add up all the numbers on this world-famous wheel, the result is none other than 666! Sort of spooky, so what do you say? Care to have a little dance with the Devil?


2. Getting to Know the Proper ‘Language’

That’s right, folks. If you want to sound like an experienced gambler and a know-it-all at the roulette table, you may as well sound professional. Or, at the very least, get acquainted with some nifty terms which only the real casino pros use. We thought we’d help you along. For starters, ‘frets’ are the tiny walls which separate each of the numbers on the wheel. Those who play guitar or are simply already familiar with musical instrument terminology should immediately spot the similarity here.

Furthermore, once the ball has stopped and the dealer has marked the winning number, the small plastic thingy in their hand is called a ‘dolly’. Cute, right? Illogical, but cute nonetheless. That’s all from us (we’re not exactly a dictionary here), but you can continue learning many more terms on your own!

It’s both fun and useful, especially for regular gamblers aiming to become pros with each next casino visit. As for those who already know the proper terminology, no harm in brushing up a little before the next visit.

3. Is 17 a Lucky Number?

Depends on how you look at it, as well as your cultural background as an individual. But for most individuals visiting casinos and favoring roulette, this number seems to hold a special place. Namely, they consider it the luckiest number of them all! The reason for this may be simpler than we’d initially imagine. You may have noticed that the number 17 is located in the center of the roulette table. It may even be due to it being the favorite number of the most famous fictional spy in our history: James Bond himself.

You can make up your own mind about what the reason is. Either way, this little square gathers the most bets, certainly more than any other number. And even though we hate to burst your bubble, this by no means makes it likelier to win. As a matter of fact, every single number on the roulette wheel has precisely the same chances on every single spin. Believing otherwise is nothing more than superstition.

4. Unlucky Streaks Ahoy!

We already mentioned the fury of landing the wrong color over and over again consecutively. Well, it’s “wrong” for the one which has their bets placed on the other one, and just right for someone who was lucky enough to place their bets right there. The bitter truth may sting, but nowhere does it say that if the ball lands on red (when you’ve bet on black), that the next round it is surely bound to land on your preferred color.

And even though the odds of the same color hitting as many as ten times in a row are merely 1 in 1024, it can still happen!

And, as a matter of fact, it did! Multiple times throughout the years, but the world record lies in Bristol, England. Would you believe that red hit a staggering 36 straight spins? Yeah, neither did we, but the fact remains.

5. The Same Yet Again?

While we’re on the subject of records, we should also mention that Las Vegas’ Rio Casino holds the world record for the most consecutive hits of the same number! One wheel kept hitting on 19 for 7 straight spins. Try not to fall over when you hear what the odds are for this: 1 in 3 billion. Nope, no typos here.



There you have it, 5 fun facts which you may or may not have known about roulette. So, have you got any plans on how you’ll bet next time you sit at the roulette table? While winning big by hitting a single number is, by all means, tempting, maybe this time around you’ll stick to just red or black and play it safe? Whatever you decide to do, we wish you all the luck as players. May the wheel spin to your liking!

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