The Different Kinds of Slot Players

What are the types?

The Superstitious Type

It’s no secret that many players are rather fond of superstition and gambling myths. One well-known example is the practice of blowing on dice for good luck. What about arriving at your gambling destination covered in red garments?

Supposedly red is a very lucky color, ask the many ‘fashion victims’ who wear nothing else in hopes of winning big. Non-surprisingly, slot machines are not an exception to this rule, and there is the superstition that such machines can be either ‘cold’ or ‘hot’. Logically, ‘red hot’ machines are those which are big on payouts, and freezing cold are the ones which are the exact opposite – one could even call them ‘stingy’! So, in other words, a ‘hot-and-cold’ player is not someone with constant mood swings (as that one catchy Katy Perry song suggests) but someone who is constantly on the lookout for the hottest machines, in hopes that Lucky Lady's Charm would smile upon them! Despite the somewhat silly superstitions, such players are actually rather smart and very careful about where they spend their hard-earned cash. They are also known for employing many kinds of different strategies, all in the hopes of scoring big rewards! Good for them and all, if it wasn’t for the fact that slot machines are entirely randomized to RNG technology… But hey, trusting one’s gut feeling is not a bad thing after all, and their superstitious belief is almost akin to a child believing in, say, Santa Claus. This isn’t meant to be offensive, quite the contrary, sometimes such hope is all you need to gain the attention of the much sought-after lucky streak.


The Zone?

This is the usual nickname for a person who’s on their way to becoming a professional slot player. One interesting fact about such players is that they could end up playing for hours on end, losing track of time completely. Mind you, this has little to do with whether they are currently on a losing or winning streak. It’s basically an addiction for them, and usually, they end up either winning the most or going home penniless. Still, one can recognize this type of slot player fairly easily, as they are practically glued to any machine which has caught their eye. In fact, gambling has almost become a religion for them. Now, the question is, is this more of a good or a bad thing? I guess it’s up to them to decide. As for us, we can certainly understand why ‘The Zone’ is chosen of all things as a nickname. After all, they are transfixed while pulling that lever, and it’s like they’re in their own zone where there is no one else but them and their beloved-er, machine.

One More Spin and That’s It!

...Or so they have a habit of saying. We believe most of you have encountered such players. They are sometimes confused and placed in the same category as ‘The Zone’. However, they have a distinct mark to them – they reek of desperation. It usually occurs that such slot players hit a losing streak, and they hit it pretty hard, to be sure. But instead of giving up and salvaging what’s left of their ‘gambler’s dignity’, they mumble “just one more... and that’s it” and keep on playing. The problem here is, it is never ‘just one more’. This category of slot players is more common than one might initially think. This is because, according to some experts, of all the casino games out there, slots seem to be the most addictive! So, our advice to you is, feel free to try slot games, by all means. Just be extra careful not to fall into the bottomless pit known as ‘one more spin’. You’ll not only be lying to others but mostly to yourself. As for those of you who may have already recognized your ‘symptoms’ by reading this, try your best at resisting and pulling yourself out of this infamous “pit”.

Some Time For Yourself

It is by no means a rare occurrence for someone who, say, has just turned 21 and officially reached adulthood, to be dragged by their friends into a casino. After the fun of dancing, taking pictures, and boozing has ended, while the rest of your buddies are off at poker tables or whatnot, you feel the need to... have some alone time, perhaps.

So, which game lets you play without the burden of social interactions? Why, that would be slot machines, of course! This charming little nickname of ‘a little alone time’ players goes to your typical introverts. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting some alone time while you play your hand at potential cash rewards, is there? If you’ve recognized yourself in this category, may we suggest trying an online casino from the sweet sanctuary of your own home? After all, you may sometimes be eager to play, and yet you wish to avoid that one-on-one interaction with a dealer or any players sitting next to you. Playing slots while not having to leave the house? Sounds magnificent, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how many people prefer this method to appearing in the flesh in actual casinos. Enjoy!

Time to Conclude

Well, did you recognize yourself in this little categorization of ours? In case the answer is no, that’s perfectly understandable, as there are many more categories and even sub-categories of slot players out there. If we were to mention and discuss each type individually, this article would be almost endless! So, we’ve instead decided to include only the most well-known and largest categories. And maybe we might even decide to do some or all of the others in the future. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see...

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