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Exclusive interview with Onlyplay CEO Christina Muratkina

Updated: 16.04.2024
Reviewed by Aleksandra Andrishak
Fact checked by Aleksandra Andrishak

In today’s news piece, we are glad to share with you an exclusive interview with Christina Muratkina - the CEO of Onlyplay games provider. She was kind to have a chat with the Slotsjudge Editor-in-Chief - Aleksandra Andrishak - and share with her some interesting information about Onlyplay and this provider’s new developments.

Questions and Answers

Exclusive interview with Onlyplay CEO Christina Muratkina - News

Christina, Onlyplay growth with high dynamics and expands the number of partners. What's your secret?

Product and people. We have a strong sales and partnership team, which I am proud of, but first of all we are about the product. Our main mission is to create content that captures the player. It's not just a job, it's our passion. Therefore, we often create games even on weekends.

The more successful games we launch, the easier it is to sell them. We are already at the stage when many partners themselves come to us for content.

What is your secret of inspiring the team to create innovations in the market and be passionate with new projects just like the business owners do?

It is convenient that only if the business owners are passionate with their ideas, the team will feel the same. Showing the team perspective and charging them with the desire to be part of something new and cool is the main task of the leader. Then everyone works in pleasure and at the maximum.

Also, we always respectfully accept comments and suggestions from any team member. The main thing is that it be thoughtful and reasoned. Often, a fresh look can open your eyes to something awesome, which can become a bestseller in the gaming world.

What are the problems and prospects in the development of games that AI usage creates?

Since the launch of the 5th version of MidJourney, we have begun to experiment in this direction. The main problem that will be shortly is the appearance of a large amount of low-quality content. On the one hand, AI will reduce the cost and speed up the launch of new slots, but this will not bring the desired result in the long run, because there is no soul in these graphics.

But if you take AI not as a replacement for the art team, but as its addition, then you get an interesting result. This is product development in depth. With the help of AI knowledge, it will be easier to develop settings, improve the art and animation style, and try new directions.

Onlyplay has done a rebranding. Why did you decide to change the design? What is the main message?

In business, I have a “quickly do, quickly launch, check the result” approach. When we already had a certain assortment of games and the first partner, I made our first logo 'quick-and-dirty' in Photoshop to start as quickly as possible 🙂

Now we have grown into a serious business and we are working on our brand. The current logo was created by professionals and broadcasts our vibe - innovation, and attention to detail.

What has changed in gambling for the last year, what new trends have appeared?

When we started our journey, we were the first who actively worked on instant win games creation. At that time, not everyone understood the prospect of such games, but we actively talked about it in the market. Over the past year, I see more and more companies that are not afraid to change their direction and expand their horizons beginning to work on this segment of games. It means that this game mechanic will gain popularity, and more and more quality content will appear.

Games by Onlyplay have a high-level quality of the art. How are these game masterpieces created and why do you attach so much respect to the very aspect of game creation?

Art is my separate passion. Until now, all the work of the art department is managed personally by me. I have a wonderful and strong team that can come up with very creative ideas and exceptional quality.

I believe that the first impression is the most important - and this is about art. First sells the icon and then sells the first screen of the game. Players come not only for excitement and winnings but also for the atmosphere. That is why such a wide variety of settings is offered by game teams.

It is also worth noting that the player always feels false. Even if he cannot explain in words what he does not like, his brain tracks this and creates an impression of the game.

I also want to note the importance of sound effects. We write unique tracks for each game. After a few spins, you run the risk of whistling a tune all day :)

Aleksandra Andrishak
Aleksandra Andrishak
Expert in: News, Blog
Slotsjudge's Editor-in-Chief Aleksandra Andrishak bridges the gap between slot providers and players by providing up-to-date information on the latest releases and industry news. With her vast iGaming knowledge, she offers valuable insights and analysis to help readers make informed decisions about their gameplay. Aleksandra is also an international speaker attending major global Gaming conferences, like Judging at CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2024, where she makes new connections with providers and industry experts to gather the latest updates on online slots.

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