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20.10.2017 22:16

Do not read this review in a completely dark room unless you already have some garlic next to you, because there just might be something behind you! Even though many may not be scared easily, they will surely be mesmerized not only by the gothic atmosphere in which the scene of NetEnt’s: Dracula is set, but also by the extremely amusing gameplay and overall performance quality. As soon as you launch the game you’ll be dazzled by the intro portraying Count Dracula wandering the streets of London after leaving Transylvania in his search for new blood, and his mission to spread the ‘vampire curse’ in order to create a cult. But, he stumbles upon a human girl named Mina and falls deeply in love with her. Such a forbidden love story can only last with your help hence, targeting as much blood donors as you can and feeding them back to Dracula’s dark gloomy castle will be your primary goal, a sin which you will be adequately rewarded for! Additionally, if you manage to set him up an appointment with Mina in the Free Spins round – he will be forever grateful to you and will try to make you rich by any means in return, as an act of gratitude. Unlike most horror movies and stories, you’ll find that meeting a vicious vampire isn’t that spooky of an experience at all, yet quite the opposite!

Vampiric Bloodlust

Count Dracula has a secret penchant for tramps, obese ladies, and alcoholics, but only his mysterious damsel quenches his bloodlust in the most peculiar manner. Hooking them up on the 2nd and 4th reel adjacently activates the main feature of this slot – Free Spins, where they show their unconditional love towards each other, awarding 10 complimentary spins for your efforts, with the possibility to re-trigger 2 complimentary spins more should they meet in a hug on the 3rd centre reel of the slot, in addition to acting as a Stacked Wild and replacing all symbols to form a winning combination as well as all the ubiquitous Stacked symbols on offer. You’ll have a standard sequence of playing cards among all the aforementioned characters to use as symbols at your disposal, and only the highest winning combination per bet line is paid out respectively. The symbol with a red ‘W’ letter across it is pretty much self-explanatory and cropping up the most, as it stands for Dracula’s Wild symbol that replaces all symbols in order to create winning combinations apart from the Scatter one.

Vampiric Bloodlust


Count Dracula is brooding menacingly at the left-hand side of the reels at all times watching over you, and when whenever you remain idle for a short period of time he gets bored easily and disappears only to transform into a cluster of vicious bats that descends dramatically upon the reels at a random location with a single snap of his bony fingers. No need to worry though, because he enjoys doing that every now and then and always comes back, only to provide a significantly increased chance of forming winning combinations by turning every symbol affected by a bat into an identical one (randomly chosen) respectively, which in theory can lead to a full screen of identical symbols and potentially bring the game’s highest payout worth a staggering 80.000 coins at the maximum wager! Keep in mind that the Bat feature remains active during the Free Spins round and applies to each and every spin, whereby Vlad tries to impress both his beloved mistress Mina with his special powers and you with numerous gigantic payouts, all of which are followed by diverse animations bursting into life creepily. 

Last Words

Dracula offers an array of settings, all of which are fully adjustable to your preference to suit your gaming ideals. Ultimately, you can alter the graphics quality to match your internet speed, remove animations to speed the gameplay up, as well as change the speed at which you wish to confront the forsaken Count at, and turn the audio off in case you find the background eerie sounds haunting or his frantic screams intimidating. With a minimum, only €0.2, and a maximum of €200 per spin, all types of players are welcomed to choose the size of the stake they’ll put right through Dracula’s heart and loot all rewards in store! We’d like to save you the struggle of browsing through subpar casino websites by presenting a number of world-class online casinos at your courtesy, some of which are displayed below for you to check out in case you decide that Transylvania is the place to play this game for real coins at. And last but not least, remember to stay in the sunlight!
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