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20% rise in gross revenue in Macau Gaming!

20% rise in gross revenue in Macau Gaming!

02.09.2017 19:44
GGR – Gross Gaming Revenue, a term well known in the industry and released by all companies to let the public and its shareholders know of progress, or lack of, in the financial sector and just where the investment or commitment is taking them.
20% rise in gross revenue in Macau Gaming!-1
Over the last month, the data released by the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau stated that around 2.81bn USD was generated during August from Casinos in Macau, meaning that for the 13th consecutive month, the district of Cotai carries on its magnificent streak of revenue increases month by month.
Of course, not everything is always flawlessly celebratory; a lot of damages to casinos, hotels and the entire country were caused in late August by the Typhoon named as Hato – a lot of different companies have had to pause all operations due to the damages over the country to and not to their properties, meaning that the clouds silver lining isn’t the full length of the cloud, you could say.
20% rise in gross revenue in Macau Gaming!-2
Even with Hato’s path of destruction, there does seem to be a lot of hope and growing confidence that the same pattern of growth and revenue increases are expected for September and moving into the rest of 2017.
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