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75% of Italian Casinos Record a Positive Revenue

07.09.2017 11:45
We’ve published quite a few different articles recently about the varying financial ups and downs all over the world and the online industry recently, so here’s another one!
It’s a good quarter in Italy as August brings about a welcome and healthy increase in casino revenues in comparison to August of last year.
3 Out 4 Ain’t Bad for Italian Casino’s-1
3 of the 4 listed casinos that are present in the country reported positive financial growth during the 2017 summer period as Italy continues to accept and expand the gambling industry in the country after some “indifferent” years.

Casino Campione d’Italia

3 Out 4 Ain’t Bad for Italian Casino’s-2

August ending revenue: €7m
% increase: 5%
Majority growth: Slots – reportedly €5m of the €7m revenue accrued from Slot play

Saint Vincent Casino

3 Out 4 Ain’t Bad for Italian Casino’s-3
August ending revenue: €5.4m
% increase: 10% compared to August 2016
Majority growth: Table games (Traditional)
Extra comments: €38m in revenue reported in 2017 so far!

San Remo Casino

3 Out 4 Ain’t Bad for Italian Casino’s-4
August ending revenue: €5.6m
% increase: 7.3%
Majority growth: Roulette table activity up 296% from last year
Extra comments: January to August revenue is over €31m!

Casino di Venezia

3 Out 4 Ain’t Bad for Italian Casino’s-5
Unfortunately, the Venice based paradise casino was the only 1 of the 4 casinos that didn’t report such positive results, with the August revenue a healthy number of €6.9m but this value represents a 6% drop from the same period last year.
Although so far this year the revenue is €59m, which is a huge amount, it’s down overall but over 6% against 2016 meaning they really have their work cut out to turn 2017 into a positive and a successful year.

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