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PA Gaming Control Board Issues $79,000 Worth Of Fines

PA Gaming Control Board Issues $79,000 Worth Of Fines

14.11.2017 02:22
$79,000 fines from PA Gaming Control BoardThis week Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, in short PGCB, was very busy and uncovered two racetrack operators violate their position and issued fines totaling $79,500.
One of them is the former President and CEO of Downs Racing – Robert Soper as an operator of Mohegan Sun Pocono in Luzerne County and was charged with a sum of $60,000 for lack of success in making various business interests. The other charge is against Washington Trotting Association Inc., employed operator of The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington County fined with a sum of $12,000 for Self-Exclusion List infringement plus additional $7,500 penalty for illegitimate operational plan changes.
PGCB, which is also responsible to supervise everything included in the state casino industry, alongside with the new gaming initiatives to the Gaming Act and Race Horse Development, officially approved the charges at its public meeting for the operators involved.
The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board came with an official statement from the meeting and said that the fine directed to Mr. Soper came from their not succeeding to renew the license, along with Drinkholder and ReferLocal, that actually did business with Mohegan Sun Pocono.
On the other side, the fine amounted to $12,000 directed to  Washington Trotting Association, Inc. is a direct result of staff working at The Meadows Casino that have allowed a certain patron that is on the PGCB's Self-Excluded Persons List to actually play and cash the chips into the casino.
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