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888Poker Proudly Presents Flopomania on 20th August

888Poker Proudly Presents Flopomania on 20th August

19.08.2017 17:20
888Poker was in the news for 2 different reasons this week, albeit all involving the same exact topic.
888Poker’s game preview coming to fruition-1
This last Wednesday, forums, and Poker news sites were all a flurry with users asking “What is this game on 888?” – appearing to somewhat inadvertent given its sudden disappearance, 888Poker seemed to unveil its brand new Poker game betting with real money and play Online on their website before making the game mysteriously vanish a few hours later.
Now, in what likely is the originally planned timescale, 888 have announced that Flopomania will correctly debut to their Poker site on Sunday 20 August for real money play and as a permanent fixture on the populate platform.
Flopomania is without any limits Hold’em game version where you won't find a preflop betting instead of that you go straight from the deal to the flop itself. Players post their blinds as normal and then each player receives their 2 cards as with normal Texas Hold’em.
Usually, you’d get the first betting round from people based on their strong hand, position or a bluff – however, Flopomania skips this and gives the flop before any betting can be done. The rest of the game is the same with the turn and the river and specific betting rounds.
It’s another interesting and creative introduction from 888 with their Poker services to go along with successful releases such as Blast or PokerCam tables.
Grab your $88 free without deposit when you register with 888Poker and get ready and get playing with Flopomania!
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