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Czech Republic Releases the "Receipt Lottery"

Czech Republic Releases the "Receipt Lottery"

16.09.2017 17:07
Our recent news articles told you all about the huge changes in relation to the Czech Republic and the free bets, bonuses and all offers and promotions that could be given, or not given as it were, by gambling companies to Czech residents.
A new “Receipt Lottery” is due to release in the Czech Republic at the start of next month as a further change and effort to combat tax evasion and is part of the initiative that was started back in 2016.
A further change in Czech Republic?-1
Customers can use the Lottery website or the smartphone app to register, free of charge, but only be allowed to purchase 1 ticket – receipt – per day – this entitlement of 1 ticket a day is strictly an aim to prevent illicit and suspect transactions and purchases in the lottery.
Hospodářské noviny is a national daily newspaper, released 5 days a week, reported that the receipt itself is the lottery ticket, the results of the draws and the lottery itself will be controlled by the Czech Ministry of Finance and is designed to be motivational – motivational in a sense of all people in the country to always get receipts for their purchases, with this case being a receipt is a ticket to a lottery.
The Czech Republic isn’t the first (and probably won’t be the last) to have such initiatives in place with the same motivational element behind the lotteries with Croatia being a prime example and the most successful one that has been put in place so far.
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