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New Interactive Bingo Coming From Sideline Sports

22.08.2017 12:20

For the 2017 NFL season, a new partnership between Sideline Sports and the Denver Broncos brings you “Broncos Bingo”!

A New Bingo App Involving The Denver Broncos!-1
The interactive Bingo game will be available for all 20 games of the regular NFL season, 10 at home and 10 away, involving the Denver NFL team. The game itself will become integrated into the existing Broncos 365 mobile app and will available to play inside and outside the stadium – the app itself is presented by Verizon.
The further partnership of the actual Broncos Bingo with Coke Zero brings about a trifecta of advertising power and gives the fans the chance to engage even more with their team and the happenings in the game, with the added thrill and chance of winning once in a lifetime prizes.

A New Bingo App Involving The Denver Broncos!-2
The Broncos Bingo was available for Fan play on the final pre-season game against the Chicago Bears a few weeks ago and was very well received by the Denver fanbase, with such prizes on offer like;

1 x $500 cash winner
1 x Autographed Broncos paraphernalia
50 x Personalized Coca Cola’s

If you’re a fan of the DEN Broncos, or just want to see what all the fun is about, then follow the below steps to get involved!
A New Bingo App Involving The Denver Broncos!-3
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