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Kaboo Casino Version 2 Product Update
Kaboo Casino Version 2 Product Update

Kaboo Casino Version 2 Product Update

21.10.2017 15:07
Kaboo Casino have launched a well-received and welcomed revamp of their Casino product earlier this month – something you could really think the industry would expect given just how many casinos are “up to something” recently.
The updates rebrand and introductions of casino’s right now are alarming but in a good way. Every week there are 2 to 3 online products, at least, that are doing something new or exciting to part of their website or the entire website – and whilst updates are good, they’re not always worthwhile, sensible or needed.
But luckily for you readers and we guess luckily for Kaboo; this is a great launch!
A Version 2 for Kaboo Casino
Now one thing to really think of is that Kaboo’s original, the V1, was a great product – it was eye-catching, it was well designed, it was functional and it really captured what online gamblers would want in a casino. As a new player in the market they instantly competed well and now they’re set to compete even better – they’ve definitely let the other brands around them now they mean business.
The theme of the website is a draw in itself – a universally sleek and sci-fi looking site that could be well placed in adverts for a multiplayer PlayStation game rather than a casino website – it's graphically satisfying as well it is with its entertainment factor.
The great thing is that this upgrade and improvement was done to a popular brand that, in one way, didn’t actually need it – but even with that fact, it’s such a good and positive upgrade that really bumps them up even higher in our estimations and with its competitive edge.
Even more to that, they retained everything they had as their image and their business plan with no games falling to wayside and them offering everything still at desktop and mobile level – and it’s deluxe casino is only going one place and that place is up – up in every players estimation, up in every Casino category score and up the industry ladder right to the top – that’s how good this casino is.
Watch out – Kaboo Casino are here, and they are coming for control.
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