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Alabama and Pennsylvania Both Have Gambling Issues
Alabama and Pennsylvania Both Have Gambling Issues

Alabama and Pennsylvania Both Have Gambling Issues

13.10.2017 09:49
Gambling offshore for US residents isn’t allowed, but you’d have to be living under a rock to think they couldn’t gamble in land based places – Las Vegas anyone?
There’s two states with 2 different news stories this week although they’re very similar in the fact they related to gambling and not in a positive light.
In Pennsylvania, multiple casinos have been fined over $75,000 for violations of gaming laws, whilst Alabama is “going to war” against illegal gambling like many other places all over the world.

The war for Alabama

Countries all over the world have ongoing and longstanding wars against illegal gambling activity and the states in the USA are no different, or the country as a whole.
5 different casinos across the state of Alabama were recipients of lawsuits with the cause of the case being the possession and gaming availability use of electronic Bingo machines – these machines are allowed by US Federal Law as Class II gaming devices, but the rulings of Alabama state law enforce the removal of availability of these gaming machines in any casino premises.
Alabaman & Pennsylvanian Gambling-1
A leading attorney in Alabama stated that there have been numerous reminders and reinforcements towards this illegal machine from varying court cases and rulings over the last few years.
The lawsuits have been filed in Greene, Lowndes, Macon, Morgan and Houston against the operating casinos, vendors and manufacturers for failing to adhere to these legal requirements.

Not of a Pennsylvanian age

Underage gambling is a serious matter no matter where you are in the world and 3 land-based Pennsylvanian casinos are feeling the pinch, financially, after failing to meet requirements relating to the laws for gambling.
3 different casinos are fined separately to an accumulative total exceeding $75,000 for lack of adherence to simple or “caring” gambling laws, and we’ve got the details here.
Alabaman & Pennsylvanian Gambling-2

Holdings Acquisition

The Holdings Acquisition Company LP have been fined a total believed to be around $42,500 – the owners of the River Casino in Pittsburgh had 2 different counts of fine-able activity.
  1. A fine of $20,000 after 5 Poker tournaments were ran in the Casino prior to authorisation from the PGCB on the 2017 Poker Schedule
  1. A further fine of $22,500 after failure to advertise nor state procedures regarding self-exclusions and those included under that umbrella

Downs Racing

The Downs Racing LP received a fine of around $25,000 after failing to report compromised decks and incorrect cards being used in multiple poker games – an incident that happened in 2016 and was not reported by any of the staff working in the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino resort where the card related sabotage happened.


SugarHouse HSP Gaming LP have a SugarHouse Casino in Philly – and there was evidence and instances of underage gambling being allowed within their casino on one or more occasions early in 2017.
The SugarHouse company were fined $10,000 which we believe may well have been luckily lower than you’d expect for such a direct ignorance or lack of application to the most basic gambling law.
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