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Yet Another Crackdown in Kuala Lumpur

Yet Another Crackdown in Kuala Lumpur

07.10.2017 17:07
Malaysia and its territories aren’t shy to news reports, and not shy about not-so-legal gambling problems they are facing on a daily basis.
In what is “not the first” gambling-related story we’ve posted about the national capital of KL, this is 115 cases in one place as the battle to rid illegal gambling from Kuala Lumpur continues.
Another KL Crackdown
The name of the operation is “Op Waran Geledah”, or its codename if you like – this operation was conducted between 0800-1400 local time and ended in what would be the early hours if considering CET.
The numbers
There are some key numbers involved in this article and operation;
– 6: the hours the operation ran for
– 35: the number of KL officers involved
– 175: the number of other officers from 5 districts of police involved
– 115: the number of premises inspected 

Op Waran Geledah

The codenamed operation given to this performance this morning was Op Waran Geledah which translates roughly to “Operation Warrant Search”.
It’s a huge operation that, when you consider 115 premises were searched, was well planned and executed in KL.
From the 115 premises investigated it was only 2 that were of particular interest, interest being confiscations and findings that were exactly what the operation was seeking.
Both locations were in the Dang Wangi district, Jalan Ampang and Chow Ki, and both still had equipment used for online gambling and resulted in over 50 seized computers, close to 10 simulated machines, 7 CPUs and 4 monitors.
The operations and selection of premises involved in this operation were determined from public information and informants and variations of intelligence related operations carried out at more of an individual and “low key” level.
No doubt that even with only 2/115 being “guilty, the operation is a gleaming success.
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