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Ask Paddy or Ask Alexa: They Can Both Hear You

Ask Paddy or Ask Alexa: They Can Both Hear You

24.10.2017 14:12
Technology on its own adapts and changes all the time and makes gigantic strides forward every day. These advances always benefit some individuals, companies and industries more than others while the next day’s findings suit the rest.
The Sports Betting industry, the entire gambling industry itself, is always looking for new ways to improvise, improve and implement anything that will benefit them as a company, their place in the competitive market and, above all else, improve the overall customer experience in everything they do and can do on their platform.
Ask Paddy or Ask Alexa: They Can Both Hear You-1
There’s a crossover for sure now more than ever with technological advancements and betting with Paddy Power, the unique UK and Irish bookmaker, the one to really push forward as they have teamed up with the fantastic innovations in home artificial technology – more specifically, with Amazon’s own Alexa and Google Home.
These devices and the technology behind them allow people to communicate with the devices for internet searches, reminders, saved songs or anything else – like Siri with Apple. 
Paddy Power are already quite different to your everyday bookmaker – both those bigger and smaller then they are as they have cutting-edge promotions and advertising that is always fun, eyebrow-raising and sometimes quite controversial. They like to say, “We Hear You” and the most certainly will be now as they get together with the hottest AI related tech on the market right now.
Ask Paddy or Ask Alexa: They Can Both Hear You-2
It’s very much a pre-emptive step from Paddy Power in the direction that you’ve got to expect the industry to wholly go in sooner rather than later. Sure, there are a lot more questions and concerns right now with the first partnership, such as the repeating or recital of Alexa or Google Home to minors or vulnerable individuals when they playback or recall on betting related content from earlier conversations with parents or friends, but this is something that will likely have the function of being controlled the same as all other technology with parental restrictions or age limits.
Just take a moment to think about the positives in this move and just what Alexa and Google Home can do for the industry and people who want to be informed, want to hear betting related information:
No more accessing websites or turning on the radio, just ask and get live commentary fed through from just saying a few words.
Live scores
Soccer Saturday without a TV right from Alexa’s speakers or a spoken-word vidiprinter without having to lift a finger.
Odds and markets
Want to know the odds on anything pre-match or even in play- just ask!
Bet placement
Probably the last thing to come with the whole advancement and the one that will be most challenging – but you’re cooking, no chance to pick up the phone or fold open the computer? Just tell Google Home to get that bet on for you – simples!
The opportunities are really endless, and we’re really excited about it!
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