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No Betting For Third Party Sites On EuroMillions
No Betting For Third Party Sites On EuroMillions

No Betting For Third Party Sites On EuroMillions

08.12.2017 13:44
The DCMS (Department for Culture Media and Sport) in the UK has declared that it will start banning the players from the UK that will try to use third-party sites for betting on the EuroMillions lottery.
The decision has been made after a question that has been raised in March and after a proposition to finally close the regulation loophole that gives permission to betting on EuroMillions lottery draws that are not in UK.
With over 50 supporting votes collected by the UK Governments’ DCMS for this suggestion, with a special attention to how important the National Lottery is in funding good causes all over UK, and the odd position of non-UK EuroMillions lottery draw in the law.
In the report, the DCMS said that betting on EuroMillions outside UK is not in compliance with the Gambling Act of 2005, specifically the purpose of section 95, which has a purpose to keep a difference between regular betting and The National Lottery in order to protect returns to good causes and prevent consumer confusion.
To keep the contrast between the two categories of gambling and to protect returns to good source made via the National Lottery, the DCMS points out that it will add a condition to the license that will ban UK players to bet on EuroMillions through other online websites like Lottoland,, Annexio Limited and Mylotto24.
Regardless of the consequences that the involved businesses will face, the DCMS explains that it will personalize the license condition to make sure it is in compliance with our goals to reduce confusion with the consumers and protect their returns to good causes all over the UK. However, the operators offering betting, will still be able to offer their bets to international lotteries websites.
As it is already obvious, Lottoland's CEO, Nigel Birrell is against the Government decision, stating that DCMS gave their statement during the FOBT that whatever decisions made, have to be solely based on evidence and nothing else. In accordance to that, today's consultation response coming from the Government is that the evidence presented inconclusive.  
Their belief is that a review period is an appropriate answer to these situations and a very reasonable way of moving forward to get a real and fair final decision based upon real evidence. Considering the impact that this decision will specifically make, all options and evidence are being reviewed in order to move forward to a decision or to any next steps taken.
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