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£300 Million Casino Complex Planned for Belfast

25.11.2017 23:19
Belfast Plans a Casino Complex Costing £300 MillionBelfast Telegraph reported that the City Council in Belfast is consulting the wide public whether the city needs a casino complex that is going to cost them 300 million pounds to build.
The casino complex itself makes the City Council rethink and take into consideration, the city licensing laws, as they do not allow building and development of casino properties. Discussions regarding this law have already been held between two of the biggest casino operators and some political and business leaders. The Rank Group already shows interest in the potential of the actual development.
The consultation with the public shows that “There has been interest shown by international investors in developing an entertainment and casino complex in Belfast." 
The Councillor of Belfast, Jim McVeigh, during an interview with the Telegraph, says: "The consultation is to gauge the opinion of the people of Belfast, and people within our tourism and hospitality sector. It's in two halves - one is around flexibility around opening hours, exploring the idea that those areas should be devolved to councils. And the other, the entertainment complex, is to gauge the mood of the people in the city.” 
Referring the changes this project will bring, meaning in expenses and public impact, he adds: “£300m and 1,000 jobs. That's our estimate. These guys tend to be very serious. They are very keen to get here and keen to do this. The size is huge, both financially and physically. The jobs would be very significant.” 
The final decision is about to be made from the Department For Communities and the Northern Ireland Assembly, after the consultation with the public finishes on the 5th March 2018.
McVeigh likes the chances of the project and states: "It's some way off but one thing we can say for sure - there is more than one organization looking to do this, there are at least two looking to do this. 

“They have the money. This is a real proposition. This could happen if the government and parties up on The Hill were inclined to do so." 
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