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Bets on Donald to be Trumped, Bad News for 888
Bets on Donald to be Trumped, Bad News for 888

Bets on Donald to be Trumped, Bad News for 888

26.05.2017 09:56

Online GambleBetting market activity suggest an early end for Donald Trump!

In what many are now calling ‘Trexit,’, players from across all sides of the Atlantic are placing bets on whether Donald Trump will serve for his first term in full as President of the United States. But what caused this public speculation? Well, reports say that the reason behind the sudden lack of faith in the Trump presidency is after the controversial dismissal of James Comey, the former FBI director.

Online GambleBetting market activity suggest an early end for Donald Trump!

Some online gambling companies such as PredictIt, have received large volumes of bets during the last two days with rumors growing about a possible Trump impeachment. Those based in the United Kingdom are posting different and more lenient questions, a good example here is whether Trump remains in office until the end of his presidential term in January 2021.
After the news of the sad dismissal of the FBI director, PredictIt saw more than one hundred thousand bets in the twenty-four hours! There was even a point where the result of ‘yes’ shot up to thirty-three cents. So, what does this imply? It showed that there was a thirty-three percent chance that Donald Trump faces impeachment, remember that this is a number that rose from 7 percent just a week ago.
A British online gambling company called Ladbrokes showed that the price of impeaching Donald Trump rose from odds of four to five to ten and eleven. What is shocking is that there is a fifty-six percent chance that Trump might be exiting the oval office earlier than expected!
“Political experts are asking themselves just how many scandals can Donald Trump handle,” said Jessica Bridge the Ladbrokes Spokeswoman. Hence, the company has had to reduce the odds as there are even more growing indications that the president will not serve for a full presidential term.

Online Gambling firm 888 under investigation

Reports from The Guardian show that an industrial regulator is investigating an online gaming company called 888. It is said that the watchdog company has powers to terminate the firms betting licenses, this is after concerns emerged over the tool it applies to assist problem gamblers.

888 Holdings Group goes under investigation

The self-exclusion policy - a system that’s used by online gambling companies to allow clients to remove themselves voluntarily from betting opportunities. The company in question is a product of three Entrepreneurs from Israel who offer these services. For instance, the company gives a period of six months where clients cannot participate in its services.

However, close sources describe a much different situation. It is said that the gambling commission was considering whether the company blocked gamblers who decided not to simply not access its services.

The watchdog company does not release results on whether a company has gone against its rules of operation. However, unlike its gambling competitors, 888 is now on the London Stock Exchange.
So, what does this mean? Well, the company was compelled to release the review as a way of preventing insider trading by individuals with data that could critically affect the online gambling brand. The announcement decreased its shares by an astonishing seven percent by midday that day! The gambling company said that the exercise was meant to ensure compliance with the operating license held by the gaming regulatory company.

What have other firms had similar financial threats in the last 12 months?

  • Paddy Power accepted terms to pay about two hundred and eight thousand sterling pounds last year! Reports claimed that the company had encouraged a losing gambler to keep betting. The person went on to lose five jobs, his family home and even access to his children
  • BetFred was forced to pay more than eight hundred thousand Sterling Pounds for compensation purposes. This is after it was accused of poor money laundering and corporate social responsibility company policies.

The rise and fall of a footballer; Joey Barton

Joey Barton came from a neighborhood of young children with huge dreams of achieving great things. He would then go on to become a leading English footballer playing in the most elite league in the world, The English Premier League. However, it was all downhill from there!

Joseph was charged with breaking rules relating to gambling on matches

His football career has seen a lot of delinquencies that arguably prevented him from attaining higher heights of success. Now, Barton’s career is seemingly at an end. Why so? Well, last month, the English Football Association handed him an eighteen months suspension for placing over thousands of bets on matches and even more shockingly, he was involved in some of these matches!
But Barton should not only be blamed as the FA has effectively become a silent partner to the United Kingdom gambling industry. Hence, it has allowed these ‘jackals’ to use the beautiful game of football to attract our working-class men and women!
Top clubs in their pursuit of sponsorship pay their overrated footballers using money got from selling jerseys to their fans. This is an activity which is usually under the responsibility of the betting company.
Ujjain Doshi, one of the leading analysts from Technavio, a brand which deals with entertainment and media services, gives some interesting results into the rise of online gambling. He says that in the year 2015, the online gaming forum grew tremendously. He adds that this is probably because eighty-five countries chose to legalize the practice.
As for our young footballers, the situation is even more severe! We found that they get hooked on online gambling very early in their professional careers and because of boredom, they visit these online sites. Some would even gamble against their team to win a bet.
The football clubs and the Football Association know how much betting is negatively affecting the sport. Despite this, nothing has been done to try and solve the issue. Why? Well, there are massive riches with online betting. Which begs the question, could have the money be used to establish educational facilities as well as support to help players such as Joey Barton with their addiction?
Should the English Football Association should have reached out and assisted him rather than destroying his career? Sadly, this is what the chiefs of the game due to the young men trying to make a living as well as those who play and watch the game.
The world of online gambling is something that excites and captivates many people. To some people, it is an easy way of earning straight cash, but to others, it has brought about the loss of money and other resources. Remember to proceed with caution as you participate in online betting.

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