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First Time For Casumo To Have A Innovative Challenge And Engagement Tool

08.08.2017 16:57
Casumo Casino are well established in today’s market for online Casino’s and recently released a “Teatime teaser” kind of puzzle to engage, challenge and entertain its large, growing customer base.
Casumo mixing it up with a different angle-1
The task, as a written goal, is simple; find the white poker chip. However, as you can see from the image, this is a lot harder than it looks
This isn’t the first time Casumo have come up with this innovative challenge and engagement tool – at the start of 2017 they had an image of spread out cards and the challenge was to find the “one-eyed-jack” – here’s the image, have a go yourself!
Casumo mixing it up with a different angle-2
 And another one from earlier this year too, can you find the dice with 7 spots?
Casumo mixing it up with a different angle-3
This is a great introduction from Casumo that really speaks to its players – anyone who is bored can have their time filled with these quirky and challenging puzzles meaning that users may be less likely to spend money on Casumo when bored, but it’s a clever strategy from the company that could help to combat and support problematic and responsible gambling by offering an alternative, non-monetary risk entertainment aspect!
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