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Hippodrome Deputy Chair Is Going To Retire after 50 years

Hippodrome Deputy Chair Is Going To Retire after 50 years

06.12.2017 02:10
Deputy Chair of Hippodrome Casino Is About To RetireHe started as a croupier in 1966 and after more than 50 years of working properly in the Casino Industry, it has been told in public that Peter McNally, Deputy Chairman of the Hippodrome Casino, London, intend to leave the job and plan to retire by the end of the year.
In a public statement, Hippodrome CEO, Simon Thomas, showed gratitude, respect, and admiration to his past Deputy Chair, McNally commenting about Peter having the key role in the main team who was building Hippodrome from the very beginning and his good reputation and his skills were very important in gaining the casino license.
The advice from a wise man such as Peter was extremely useful in the process of start planning and establishing the business. The biggest part of the success of the Hippodrome Casino comes from his huge experience in the casino sector, and his work and dedication can be proof of how a casino can be easily managed in today’s conditions.

The whole board, including me and my father, have a huge obligation of showing him appreciation and at the same time we will miss his full participation, but on the other hand, we are happy that he will be here for advice and will be a consultant to the company in future.
On this, Simon Thomas added, we wish Peter only good things for his retirement and we are going to miss him a lot.
Peter McNally at an early time worked as Gaming/ Operational Director for London Clubs Ltd, now (LCI) and Managing Director and Owner/Operator of Capital Corporation (Crockford’s Club & The Colony Club).
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