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Hippodrome Deputy Chair Is Going To Retire

05.12.2017 21:28
Deputy Chair of Hippodrome Casino Is About To RetireHe started as a croupier in 1966 and after more than 50 years of working properly in the Casino Industry, it has been publicly announced that Peter McNally, Deputy Chairman of the Hippodrome Casino, London, will retire at the end of this year.
In a public statement, Hippodrome CEO, Simon Thomas, showed gratitude, respect, and admiration to his past Deputy Chair, McNally saying: “Peter was a key part of the core team that opened the Hippodrome and his experience and standing within the industry was instrumental in us obtaining our license.
“His sage advice during the lengthy process of planning and building the business was invaluable. Much of our success is down to his years of experience in the casino sector, and his legacy will be a venue that consistently surprises, innovates and redefines how a casino can operate in today’s more enlightened operating environment.
“My father and I, and the rest of the Board owe him a huge debt of gratitude, and we will miss his fuller involvement, but we are delighted that he has agreed that we can call upon for his wise counsel in the future and he will be a consultant to the company.”
Simon Thomas added: “He leaves here with our profound thanks and good wishes for a happy retirement. We’ll miss him.”
Peter McNally at an early time worked as Gaming/ Operational Director for London Clubs Ltd, now (LCI) and Managing Director and Owner/Operator of Capital Corporation (Crockford’s Club & The Colony Club).
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