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Daily Fantasy Sports Are Completely Ruling Over USA
Daily Fantasy Sports Are Completely Ruling Over USA

Daily Fantasy Sports Are Completely Ruling Over USA

18.10.2017 08:56
We’ve done reports on DraftKings and FanDuel before, the American DFS companies that are making waves and making millions with their unique gambling opportunities using fantasy football and other sports as their platform.
You’d easily make an argument that any land-based betting or gambling institution in the USA is as well-known as either of the kingpin DFS sites, and vice versa. These brands offering their specific services have grown at a rate that you could compare to eSports across Europe but in a different and more scaled manner.
The biggest question is really about size and popularity combined – the size of the European football market for betting and also the sheer popularity of leagues all over the continent completely overshadows and makes America look small, so just where oh where is the attempts or the plays from companies to bring DFS over the Europe?
DFS USA are ruling, but where’s the Euro?-1
There’s plenty of potential reasons behind the lack of European pushes of Daily Fantasy Sports, and they may well be the singular or combined popularity of betting and actual Fantasy Sports games. Betting on football is massive in the UK and Europe, as well as other sports too. Just as popular, and maybe to different demographics due to lower age restrictions is that of Fantasy Sports.
Fantasy Football especially is huge in the UK and Europe with players all over Europe and even past that, in Asian and Oceania, playing the Fantasy Premier League game just for an example.
The drawbacks to DFS in the US is the fact that bets of players and their money get tied up for a whole season and nothing is really paid to them or rewarded to them in that longer interim period, but then again, if you approach Europe then you could say that’s the same thing as any person betting on teams to win leagues or players to be top goalscorer – so that argument is really negated straight away.
That’s not to say nobody has tried. Fantasy Bet are a fantasy sports betting site with a Maltese gaming license and they’re trying to make a start of this type of brand and they’ve also taken a UK license to help with that.
They’ve currently paid out over £200,000 already and they offer at least £5,000 to be won each and every week – so its plenty a drawer if it’s done right with every aspect of the game for weekly and season long competition and entertainment.
DFS USA are ruling, but where’s the Euro?-2
The DFS operations cost money, need money and have to make money. Both US powerhouses were involved in a legal battle recently regarding player likeliness and were saved by the US Federal Law at the twelfth hour, so you have to have the money ready to fight these claims or fight your corner to the very end.
You could say that DraftKings and FanDuel could, and should, partner up with an established bookmaker across Europe or with someone like Fantasy Bet to help them with their setup, their approach and most importantly, the financial aspect.
We’d expect that when Sports Betting becomes allowed offshore to the US that these companies would expand beyond its coastlines and that others from around the world would then look to challenge for a share in the fantasy sports business even with non- US sports or even with the NFL and others to be competitive. DraftKings and FanDuel were the first to really get the sports betting juices flowing for land-based customers and companies and it’s interesting to see just what happens next.
Either way, the doors and windows are ready to be opened in Europe – and opened to this new phenomenon.
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