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Disney In Attempt To Prevent Expansion Of Gambling

Disney In Attempt To Prevent Expansion Of Gambling

15.08.2017 19:55
Disney, The Walt Disney Company to use its full name, is a world renowned and known by everybody in the world as the executive producers of a range of films, shows and of course, the creators of Walt Disney World Resorts.
In a different news item involving the global giants, it’s reported that Disney recently donated 500k USD in support of restriction expansions of gambling in the sunshine state, Florida.
This donation is not the first one made to the same topic, with previous donations made this year and now the total amount equivocal too or higher than 1 million dollars – over 80% of the total contributions sent to the cause is from The Walt Disney Company.
Disney Donate To Help Prevent Gambling in Florida-1
The donations from Disney and other parties is all in support of a proposed initiative to restrict the expansion of gambling in Florida through availability and online/local access.
If this proposal reaches the 2018 ballot and gets through and passes, the bill itself would dictate that any proposed expansions or introductions of gambling activities would have to have its fate, it’s overall allowance, determined by the Florida voters.
With over 150,000 signatures already and more coming each day, and with full support from No Casinos Inc, the expansion of gambling and the problems that accompany any gambling availabilities have some strong opposition and look set to keep Florida away from such changes.
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