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eSports News - rapid growth and emergence of eSports

eSports News - rapid growth and emergence of eSports

30.09.2017 17:16
eSports has been in the news a lot recently in different worlds that are so connected, and those are the Sports Betting & Sports worlds. We’ve covered a number of eSports related developments recently and here we are again for another small-article-big-news eSports related content delivery!
eSports News - rapid growth and emergence of eSports-1
The sheer speed which eSports has, and continues, to develop is astonishing; from something seen as so small and segregated to specific people and interests, eSports has been a global phenomenon as a spectacle, a sport and, more relatable to us, for gambling and betting opportunities.
There have been partnerships between sports providers, betting companies and other gambling related elements with eSports on the whole, or certain aspects or competitions in eSports, and the latest development has been announced between the Electronic Sports Global Tour (ESG) and Betway!
Betway have been one of the companies to really take eSports by the handles and push it forward on their site and through their service. Betway offer a specific free bet offer to customers to get them involved in and betting on eSports – a great hook that can easily result in eSports betting and watching eSports becoming something primary to the customer.
Overall, the sharp incline of growth of eSports could well see it head straight up behind Soccer as the favoured worldwide sport, as we’d consider that even with less betting markets and live betting only now coming along, eSports has surpassed the popularity and betting desires of much bigger and more “historical” sports like hockey, rugby and handball.
eSports News - rapid growth and emergence of eSports-2
To quote Stamos Venios, the CEO of PVpRO (Orchestrators of the ESG Tour), he said that the brand partnership now in place was something to be happy about, and that they are fully committed to growing the industry with financial investment and broadcast innovation, as well as a strong focus on integrity. We expect fans of the Betway ESG Tour to appreciate what this partnership will bring to the table of what is an already strong product in the sector.
With technology advances like virtual reality now starting to become part of eSports, the whole eSports spectacle is on the verge of reaching heights no other betting opportunity or sport can reach with its display, interaction and visual satisfaction!
Don’t worry though, sports fans, there’s a long way to go before you’d think eSports becomes the front runner of any bookmaker or overtakes the concentration of Soccer (or NFL in America) – a plenty few more years of betting and a lot more money in revenue and maybe, just maybe, it’ll be up there.
Betway offer a great deal of markets and odds for eSports, which we feel other big bookmakers, or small, could follow suit in – eSports is getting bigger, people want to watch it, do watch, they want to bet on, they want to feel part of this global attraction – it’s the time of eSports, and the eSports time is now and in the future!
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