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Fantasy Sports’ Sportito Awarded an MGA License

Fantasy Sports’ Sportito Awarded an MGA License

02.09.2017 19:30
Sportito are celebrating this week after securing promotion to the MGA license territory – the victory comes only a short time after receiving the UK license back in 2016.
In case you don’t know, Sportito are a Fantasy Sports operator making great strides in the online world having secured UK operational allowances last year and now moving to Malta in an aim to target more specific countries as allowed under the MGA jurisdictions.
Fantasy Sports’ Sportito Awarded an MGA License-1
Sportito offer fantasy sports, and to go alongside this, the firm also have partnership deals with 2 English football teams in Burnley & Fulham, and don’t be surprised to see them strike up some deals in Germany as that’s where the next target of penetration is for their services.
Under the MGA license, companies can target and operate in any country except ones that have a regulated gambling market, so with the license now secured Sportito will be looking to push the DFS platform out across Europe, starting with Germany.
Fantasy Sports’ Sportito Awarded an MGA License-2
Fantasy sports is on the rise, which with all things considered, isn’t surprising and could well follow the footsteps of the other globally overtaking product of eSports to become a real mainstay in the gambling and online gaming markets.
Riccardo Mittiga is the CEO of Sportito, and he is quoted to say that Sportito is wanting to be the #1 platform of DFS and provide all users with a great and full experience and that they as a company are “happy to expand our business into the new markets all over Europe where there are varying preferences of sports and competitions”.
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