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Mr Green with a re-launch and a new release!
Mr Green with a re-launch and a new release!

Mr Green with a re-launch and a new release!

02.10.2017 09:19
Mr Green have this week unveiled two different yet related projects that reached completion with the release of their brand new revamped Sportsbook site as well as an entirely new and concentrated responsible gambling tool.
Mr Greens ‘Green Gaming’ is a focus on their own responsibility to the players for protecting them and educating them on the potential dangers of gambling online and to promote responsible gaming behaviour.
Green Gaming
Green Revamps and Greener introductions!-1
Mr Green have taken it upon themselves to staple their intent as an emerging, growing and, in some respects, leading online gambling constituent in the delivery of responsible gambling, support availability and education towards gambling related concerns with the release of Green Gaming.
The tool itself is an in-depth knowledgebase to provide help, guidance and support to anyone gambling online that has a problem, has concerns or just wants to know what ways the gambling powers can help you and the mechanisms they have in place to add elements of control and safeguarding.
The tool itself, Green Gaming, has been split into 4 primary sections each filled to the brim with information and professional in its approach to what is and can be a difficult subject to discuss in any means of contact or communication.
“Asking for help doesn’t mean you're weak, it only means you're wise”
The first step towards getting help or support is asking for it, and that itself is the hardest part even if that’s relating to gambling or anything else in life. Taking the first step and asking questions, asking for help or support or simply admitting there may be a problem is the first step towards recovery or coming to terms with a problem.
“Take back control over your gameplay”
The Limits section in Green Gaming explains all about the different gameplay limits and parameters you can setup to help manage your play, deposits or activity on Mr Green. These are great safeguards to have in place even if you don’t feel any inclination of a gambling problem, and are good as a “reality check” in some situations.
Mr Green do advertise themselves as a place of entertainment more than a home of gambling, but they are realists and do know that even playing for entertainment can lead into a problem or can start of the road to addiction.
The Risk is clear; When playing casino games is no longer about fun, and the gaming has now become compulsive gambling, that’s the beginning of a problem.
“Asking for help is the first step”
This section of Green Gaming is more self-explanatory – this is a place for those questions that may be more commonly asked, or thought about being asked, than you’d like to probably admit.
If there’s any question not listed here that you’d want to know the answer to, or if you feel that you need to ask any of the questions that are listed, we strongly recommend you’d contact Mr Green.
Fixed-Up Sportsbook
Another release but this isn’t completely new, although it looks that way!
Mr Green has proudly released its revamped and redesigned Sportsbook and we have to say it looks great. Every aspect of the sportsbooks display and aesthetics are wonderfully designed and smoothly fit together the menus, adverts and everything else.
Green Revamps and Greener introductions!-2
You could say that the Sportsbook offered before was the downside to the Mr Green service in comparison to the Casino and now this sportsbook platform could compete against many of its direct or larger competitors due to just how customer friendly and eye catching the platform is on the whole.
We aren’t going to go into great detail, we’d say to direct your attention yourself to Mr Greens new sportsbook and see for yourself – you can even get a free bet for being a new customer.
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