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H1 Results In Sweden Indicate Healthy Gaming Growth

H1 Results In Sweden Indicate Healthy Gaming Growth

15.09.2017 15:35
Lotteriinspektionen are the gaming regulators for Sweden and this week they released the H1 figures for the country’s financial results for the regulated gambling sector.
The results were largely positive with growth in the market for operators based nationally and on foreign soil – albeit the non-Swedish operators celebrating far more rapid and financially rewarding levels of profit.
H1 Results In Sweden Indicate Healthy Gaming Growth -1
3% - local market increase in comparison to H1 2016
17% - non-Swedish operator growth in comparison to H1 2016

Svenska Spel

As 1 of the 2 major Swedish operators, and the larger of the pair, actually saw a downward movement and deficit in regard to the overall turnover during H1 with a 2% drop. A lot of the revenue and profit levels for companies in any country is down to the sporting calendar, or lack of one in the negative manners – 2016 H1 had such events like Euro 2016 which, considering the lack of international competition in the off season of 2017, contributes greatly to a period, quarter or an entire year’s financial statistics.
Considering that, the 4.3bn turnover in H1 for Svenska Spel isn’t too much of an issue or something to frown upon when you can attribute that small % loss to the same period last year to the Euro 2016 money-draw.


The other of the pair of Sweden’s big players – ATG recorded a total trade of 2bn SEK during 2017’s H1 – upward % value of 3% against last year.
ATG have squared up financially with Svenska Spel and the two are far away the leaders in Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries, ATG themselves have surpassed Svenska Spel with a 14% increase on internet betting revenue against the 12% of their larger competitors.
As a short overview, Swedish gambling and the market as a whole is growing strongly and with a sharp upward angle.
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