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IGT Launches a New 4D Video Slot - Ghostbusters

IGT Launches a New 4D Video Slot - Ghostbusters

17.08.2018 16:37

IGT and New Land-Based 4D Video Slot - Ghostbusters-1International Game Technology (IGT) just announced a new land-based 4D video slot - Ghostbusters. With the use of the modern technology, Ghostbusters will allow players to experience the game in three-dimensions but it will do so without using the peripherals to achieve the effect. The developers call this technology a True 3D.

The slot elements are inspired by the classic 1984 movie - Ghostbusters. The press release of IGT that announced the launch of the new game on Wednesday included short clips from the movie as well. The game is developed in partnership with Columbia Pictures Industry Incorporated and Sony Entertainment Incorporated, which allows the developers to use a wide range of characters from the movie.

The new technology allows the developers to offer a truly innovative functionality

True 3D and the use of the new technology allowed the developers to put innovative features in the game that should make for an interesting playing experience. For example, the game will track the eye movements of the players as well as the movements of the head in order to make the characters of the game materialize right in front of the players’ eyes in a true Ghostbuster fashion. Some readers might be interested that the characters used in the game include classic names like Slimer, Terror Dogs and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
This is not the only innovative feature the game will offer. Players will be able to use their fingers as a proton blaster in the Ballroom Blaster Bonus mode. This is achieved through the use of mid-air haptic technology. If this wasn’t enough, the blast will be followed by a tingling sensation, which is probably where the 4D name comes from. The same technology will be used to allow the players to draw shapes, that will be associated with a certain in-game content.

Initially, the game will be offered at only four locations

Players will be able to enjoy the new games at four locations. The D Las Vegas, Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, Graton Resort and Casino, and Bear River Casino Resort will be the first locations to offer the Ghostbuster 4D slots. The slots will be released in the CrystalCurve True 4D cabinet with a 50-inch high definition portrait-orientation screen. The screen will have a lower 32-inch counterpart.
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