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SPIFFX And Supabets Are Contemplating To Take Over The South African Market
SPIFFX And Supabets Are Contemplating To Take Over The South African Market

SPIFFX And Supabets Are Contemplating To Take Over The South African Market

20.09.2017 12:59
Ever heard of Spiffindex? The Swedish company are making waves in the online gambling world recently with their alternative betting exchange platform.
SpiffX have taken strides to now take over the South African football betting market by agreeing a partnership with Supabets who are operated by Intelligent Gaming (Pty) Ltd.
Integration agreements in SA for SPIFFX-1
This isn’t the first footprint laid down by SpiffX in the African market after previous partnership with Kenyan firm Cheza Gaming opening the door into this growing and popular area. This new partnership to Supabets will give them full control over South African, Ghanian and Nigerian soccer markets amongst others all over the continent.
The partnership itself has been greeted by nothing short of positive from both sides and neutrals – Supabets have a great reputation and presence in South Africa with 100’s of betting counters with top draw service and availability, as well as pricing that is compared to be “on par” with industry leaders.
Integration agreements in SA for SPIFFX-2
Spiffindex is a game where you predict the result of the match and whether the odds (price) will move over or under the market price (index). The product can be used to price hedge/secure an already taken bet or it can be used to speculate in odds' movements. You can also act as a market maker and put your own prices (sell) with reversed earnings/winnings.
When buying, your risk will only be the stake that you're wagering. If you win your bet will be multiplied by the points the price has moved. For example: if your selection wins and the price has moved from 1.51 to 1.61, then you will get 10 times your bet! If you're selling odds, you are betting that the odds will be equal or move in another direction. The maximum risk exposure is deducted from the amount available to bet.
SpiffIndex allows you to complete a back and lay bet in one transaction. This will give you the opportunity to secure your price with less money.
Integration agreements in SA for SPIFFX-3
The powers in charge of both sides to the agreement have been singing it’s praises to the media as you’d expect after such a profitable relationship was formed, with Marc Plaxton-Harrison hinting that the partnership was a “no brainer” once it was presented to them.
Harrison, who is the Director of Intelligent Gaming, said that they feel the product (SpiffX) is perfect to fit in with their operators, notably Supabets, due to its leading status as a Pan-American bookie, and would also add to the “draw factor” when attracting new gamblers due to its pioneering efforts.
The other side of the deal, with Lennart Gillberg (CEO of SpiffX) at the helm, is quoted to be very excited to be working with Supabets, and that this agreement will only go on to strengthen their presence in the online industry with their B2B products and innovation.
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