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Is Republic of Georgia To Expect A Gambling Ban?
Is Republic of Georgia To Expect A Gambling Ban?

Is Republic of Georgia To Expect A Gambling Ban?

15.09.2017 11:45
Plenty of countries all across the different continents are constantly changing, adapting and restricting gaming access and laws.
Some remove the gambling elements entirely with bans, some apply strict regulatory requirements for customers and companies to meet whilst some impose lighter but still enforceable regulations to be met.
Is a Georgian Gambling ban coming?-1
The Republic of Georgia looks to be taking one of these avenues, but unfortunately for Georgian residents, it looks like it’ll be the first of the different approaches that will be taken with a countrywide ban expected to come into force after recent proposals.
As part of its new framework of regulations, the Ministry of Finance is said to be shortly introducing new bills which will completely and fully make all forms of online gaming, gambling and anything related to such activities, wholly illegal.
The news has been met with mixed reactions from within the political world and, as you’d expect, from the Georgian people themselves.
Lash Khutsishvili is the deputy Finance Minister of Georgia and has been very outspoken and clear with comments regarding the proposed regulatory changes, going on record to state that this might not be the best approach to dealing with online gambling problems and financial implications of taking this activity entirely away from the country.
All round the world there are several countries that are banned from online gambling entirely or outside of their shores – however this isn’t always completely fool proof or as effective as the cost of doing so, as want-a-way gamblers find ways and means to continue this activity even with its illegal nature.
It may well be better suited, or money better spent at least, in controlling online gambling with licensing and regulatory requirements – a set list of boxes to tick for companies to be allowed to advertise and accept Georgian based bettors, or website requirements to what is, or is not, allowed to be bet on from their residents much like Italy, Australia or Spain.
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