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Good News Come In From The East Side Of The World
Good News Come In From The East Side Of The World

Good News Come In From The East Side Of The World

14.10.2017 07:26
It’s a common fact that Russia is never far from the news in various sections with there nearly always being some story about them, linking to them or coming out from that part of the world – but this is about gambling.
The last piece we mentioned much to do about Russia was a while ago when local police raided Park City Hotel in Chelyabinsk but this story is a bit less of what’s wrong and a bit more of what’s right.
It’s All Good News from Russia and Ukraine-1
Gambling as an activity is not wholly available all over Russia with different laws in the different territories, and its Crimea that is in the news now after the Crimea Gambling Zone approached the forefront and took a giant step towards becoming reality rather than a plan.
The preliminary work is done having been approved by non-other than Vladimir Putin himself – the stage is set and Crimea is ready for the construction of a new gambling zone.


Crimea can be confusing to know who it belongs to, as in a country. Internationally, it is recognised as being part of Ukraine but it is controlled and governed as part of the Russian Federation. That is all except the Ukrainian controlled part of Arabat Spit.
So, as you can see, it’s some Ukrainian, some Russian, sometimes in Ukraine but also in Russia!
There are 2 people talking to the media about this fantastic project, one being the local development official (Alexei Chernyak) and the other being the Crimean Ministry of Economic Development (Andrea Melnikov). You can read quotes from both men further down.
The development of the Crimea Gambling Zone is said to be directly dependant on and following on from the erection of the Kerch Strait bridge. This bridge is said to have an estimated completion time of Christmas 2018/Early 2019 so you can probably expect this gambling zone to become a reality sometime in the fall of 2019.
It’s All Good News from Russia and Ukraine-2
It is also worth noting that this new approval, this law, signed by Putin extends the gambling zone into Krasnodar read for the Winter Olympics 2018.
Alexei Chernyak
The Russian investor involved in this project does not refuse to create a gambling zone in the Big Yalta. Nevertheless, there are several objective and subjective reasons not to force the construction of a gambling zone. Firstly, complicated and expensive logistics, because of which it is very problematic to deliver construction materials from the mainland,
Andrei Melnikov
All the preparatory work has been done by the republic, the documents have been submitted to the government of the Russian Federation for the adoption of the resolution on the creation of the gambling zone and we are now waiting for the appropriate decision.
The operator of the gambling zone will be determined, tourist and hotel facilities will be created; we are confident that the gaming zone will become a kind of attraction around which an advanced infrastructure can be built. This is our main task.
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