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Japan Gaming Congress Will Be The Host Of One Of The Biggest Events In Tokyo

Japan Gaming Congress Will Be The Host Of One Of The Biggest Events In Tokyo

15.12.2017 04:43
Japan Gaming Congress Is Returning In Style In 2018Japan Gaming Congress is coming back to Tokyo in May, from 10-11 to be the host of one of the biggest events that happen in Asia, whose priority is the gambling market.
The idea of the event is to clearly place a mark on the integrated resort industry, with a purpose to take attendance locally and from the enormous market such as Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore.
Chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Lawrence Ho, stated: “With Japanese IRs nearing as an investment reality, there has never been a more exciting time to participate in the Japan Gaming Congress. We are very happy to return to this important forum and deepen our dialogue with local business partners and the industry at large, and with them, pioneering the future of entertainment in Japan.”
However, with a hosting at a Conrad Tokyo, the Japan Gaming Congress is visited by important Japanese figures, from the central government and many more. Japanese authorities, such as members of Japan’s Leading Democratic Party (LDP) and authorities from Wakayama, Osaka, Nagasaki, Hokkaido also there were present non-gaming companies including; Goldman Sachs Tokyo, Hakkasan, KPMG Japan, JP Morgan, Ministry of Economy & Finance and many more.
Tom Nieman, An advocate of Japan Gaming Congress 2018, VP of Marketing, JCM Global said: "Japan Cash Machine is thrilled to welcome JGC to our home country. For decades, JCM has been honored to create the world’s most secure gaming transaction equipment, and we are excited by the positive economic potential gaming could bring to Japan. We welcome JGC 2018, and see it as an ideal opportunity for leading companies to connect with our home market to create some of the world’s finest integrated resorts".
Also, Rory Credland of Clarion Gaming states: “We are excited to bring the Japan Gaming Congress back for its third year running. The success of the last two events, coupled with the most recent election updates in Japan, shows that the event continues to drive heavy interest from attendees both domestically in Japan and abroad within the gaming industry. We look forward to a conference full of valuable discussions from both industry and government leaders, as Japan looks forward to the future of IR development and entertainment within the country.”
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MayFlower 10.02.2018 15:36
Wonderful news! :D
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