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Kuala Lumpur Raids Discovered Gambling Equipments
Kuala Lumpur Raids Discovered Gambling Equipments

Kuala Lumpur Raids Discovered Gambling Equipments

01.08.2017 08:00
July 28th, Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. A picturesque and stunning landscape city where gambling is prohibited, but the underbelly of the city houses many different houses and dens where such activities take place throughout the days and nights – but now the Malaysian authorities are fighting back.
Kuala Lumpur Cracking Down On Illicit Gambling -1
The Malaysian government issued demands to crackdown on the illicit gambling activities earlier this year and late in 2016 – they want to clean up the Malaysian capital from activities that are not only illegal and against the law, but are also a tool of corruption and crime in the country overall.
A plethora of government and external departments collaborating are now sweeping through Kuala Lumpur to source out premises that are engaging in illegal gambling activities and, through a series of raids, are closing the dens and confiscating all equipment used for the aforementioned activities – a recent raid yielded about $80,000 worth of equipment that was confiscated which is around 340,000 RM.
Of course, as with most countries where gambling on shore or offshore is illegal, the demand is still high. Malaysia is no different in this regard, with the population itching to place bets and gamble with companies all over the world and whilst no betting company or casino company are internationally making efforts to stop Malaysian people registering, it is the “in house” illegal gambling within the country that the Malaysian government, along with police, IRC and IRD, are trying to stamp out.
Adult services, drugs, alcohol – these are problems that are separate to and combined with the illegal gambling problems Malaysia are faced with right now, often all in the same venues – venues such as sports halls and even family centres (or places advertised as such), all of which are things the same collaborated team are trying to take control over and remove from society.
Kuala Lumpur Cracking Down On Illicit Gambling -2
It’s no surprise that these battles have started – Kuala Lumpur is bound by Islamic law for residents where alcohol is restricted and the prohibitions of “Syariah offences”.
2017 does seem to be the year that the country is looking to rid themselves of these illegal operations with thousands of arrests and equipment seizures already completed.
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