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Italian Licensee Holders Under Investigation By MGA
Italian Licensee Holders Under Investigation By MGA

Italian Licensee Holders Under Investigation By MGA

14.02.2018 19:49
Malta Gaming Authority Suspects In Italian license holdersThe authorized single independent and regulatory body which is obligated for the governance of all gaming activities that are happening in Malta, land-based and online Malta Gaming Authority or short MGA has started an investigation for all of its Italian licensees which can be a potentially connected with an organized crime.

Investigation Gets In the First Phase

However, according to the source which is close to gaming authority told GamblingCompliance which provides unrivaled legal, business intelligence and regulatory for entire gambling industry, that a few days ago this investigation enters in the first phase and all this is part of a much larger examination that includes all of the Italian businesses which are settled in the Maltese region.
Although, this kind of news is attractive to the police and it is noticed huge activity in targeting illegal online gambling operations.

Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority Wanted Collaboration With Italy’s Anti-Mafia Commission

Few days ago, Joseph Cuschieri, which is a Certified Public Accountant by profession and specialized in management accounting, economic regulation, general management and finance, current Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority has express himself that he wanted and expect understanding and collaboration with Italy’s Anti-Mafia Commission and other authority that “needs to know the activity of Italian gaming operators in Malta”.
Regarding these comments, the Malta Gaming Authority suspended the remote gaming license of Phoenix International Ltd, in possession of several gaming sites including,, and, which are not accessible anymore.
There were 23 individuals were arrested in Palermo last week linked to this case. Between them was also arrested in an Italian police anti-Mafia action dubbed Game Over, Benedetto Bacchi, known as Italy’s ‘Betting King’.
Benedetto Bacchi, the ‘Betting King’ had been controlling a network of data transmission centers connected to Malta-based sites, which helps him to avoid Italian gaming authorities and with this, he will be able to not have to pay local taxes.

MGA with a Suspension Notice to Phoenix International Ltd

The Malta Gaming Authority give suspension notice ordered Phoenix to “indefinitely suspend all gaming operations, cease to register new players, suspend all transactions on all websites, including deposits and withdrawals, and submit all data and documentation requested by the Authority.”
The MGA also warned the public that any other sites connected to Phoenix and if they are claiming that operates under MGA license were doing so without the MGA’s authorization. No more info will be released said MGA as not to compromise the further investigation.

Joseph Cuschieri says MGA has “very serious and transparent rules”

Joseph Cuschieri, Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority explain to local media that “the press and the Italian public opinion have a suspicious attitude towards our gaming operators” despite the fact that the MGA has “very serious and transparent rules”. Nonetheless, he alluded to the fact that the MGA lacked “the investigation tools that the police and the judiciary have.”
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