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Facebook Betting and Fines Issued to BGO...
Facebook Betting and Fines Issued to BGO...

Facebook Betting and Fines Issued to BGO...

27.05.2017 14:00

“Naked Gun” slot launched by Blueprint Gaming Studio

Blueprint gaming studio, a German company online betting company, recently launched a HTML5 slot game based on the American comedy “Naked Gun.” Naked Gun is a five by three, 20-line online slot game, licensed by Paramount Pictures. It uses characters, themes, and even visuals taken from the series.
Players follow the cheeky behaviour of Frank Drebin, a character played by Leslie Nielsen in the funny television show. The role of Detective Drebin is quite distinct in the game, and it’s one of the high paying symbols.

Video Slot Naked Gun
Playing the game will take you on a continuous crime caper; a villain tries to turn innocent citizens into ruthless assassins. Players join hands with Detective Frank Drebin in trying to solve the issue. Simply put, you should spin the reels to pinpoint the guilty party and take him to the proper channels of justice. Eventually, you can go on to win big!
Some of the slot features include:
•    Roaming wilds - This can substitute for any other symbol except the bonus and scatter ones.
•    It triggers awards through re-spins on roaming wilds - players earn them by getting three or more detective badge symbols.
•    Free spins on a home run - awarded to those players who get three baseball glove symbols on the reels.
As it’s made in HTML5, it provides fantastic graphics, an engaging gameplay system and to top it all off, amazing game sounds! The blueprint gaming C.E.O Matt Cole said that since the motion picture was a classic, they were pleased to make it into an interactive online slot game. He further added that it’s a good addition to their portfolio and a captivating feature for their partners!

Labdrokes Iron Man Casino advert no longer an Issue

Last year, a Ladbrokes email ad used the image of the famous Marvel Superhero to make an advertisement. Why was this an issue? Well, reports claim that the Advertising Standards and Regulation Company felt that the casino was trying to attract minors. The advert was banned from the casino in August last year. Although the character of Iron Man is very popular amongst the young generation, the email ad was only sent to adults. Now, the Advertising Standards and Regulation Company has changed its decision saying that children never see the advertisement!

Facebook Betting and Fines Issued to BGO...-2

Through an email, the watchdog company stated that the advertisement is only sent through email and registers clients who are clearly over the age of eighteen. Besides, Ladbrokes used the email advert knowing that the chances of minors seeing it were very low. The email advertisement consisted of an Iron Man photo from the movie Iron Man 3 which was produced back in the year 2013. Ladbrokes argued that Iron Man was mostly enjoyed by adults. Despite this, the regulator was of the notion that it’s still a film that’s popular among children because of its comical ties. The company added that today, you could even get the character as a children’s toy. 

BGO Entertainment fined for ‘non-compliant’ advertisements

The UK gaming operator BGO Entertainment became the first operator to receive a monetary fine and sanctions from the British gambling commission. Why? Reports show that the company did not comply with the Social Responsibility Codes found in the 2015 LCCP guidelines.

BGO Entertainment receive a cash penalty and sanctions from the British gambling commission

Claims suggest the UK casino posted misleading information on its web age and those of its associated brands. As per the LCCP guidelines, licenses issued through the UKGC should include essential limitations and qualifications in all ads posted through Social Media or affiliate sources. What does this imply? All licenses must include the qualification requirements once you receive a bonus offer. Therefore, online betting companies should attach items such as wagering obligations to their promotional offers!
Since the introduction of the LCCP, gambling advertising remains one of the focus points of the UKGC. Last year the watchdog company announced that it would tighten its grasp on daytime advertising to protect the more sensitive categories. It also stated that it would also review the current trends and solve problematic features such as the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs).
The online gambling commission found some rather shocking results once it considered the website of the BGO Casino. It used domains from February to October 2016 as well as observing the company’s website activity and found 9 misleading promotions on the BGO’s site. Its affiliates did not escape the inspection with 14 cases of issuing promotions that were non-compliant.
The company was issued with a penalty totalling to 300,000 sterling pounds. Such is after the gambling regulatory body stated that the firm had failed to address these cases promptly. Well, it’s sad because the online betting company held extensive talks with the regulatory company claiming that they had done enough to meet the requirements of the LCCP. 

Paddy Power reveal revolutionary new betting avenue!

Paddy power, an online gambling company in the UK, has come up with a new technology where customers can place bets through Facebook Messenger. It allows online gamblers to visit their Paddy Power Accounts, check balances and then write a small message containing the bet they would like to place.

Customers of Paddy Power can place bets through Facebook Messenger

The system will automatically understand the message and execute the best possible transaction.

There are also other added benefits such as:

•    Push notifications
•    Videos
•    Blog posts
•    Sending podcasts straight to their messenger inbox

Michael Healy, the Paddy Power director, said that the company was pleased to be the first online betting company to move into the world of chatbots. He added that the decision was inevitable as scores of its clients were on Facebook and other mobile messaging applications.
In a nutshell, the company hopes to provide its clients with odds and notifications as well as an additional dose of entertainment and mischief! Is betting through Facebook the right option? Well, the success of this system from Paddy Power will tell whether other online betting companies will adopt the technology.

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