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Australian Aristocrat Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Australian Aristocrat Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

13.12.2017 23:57
New CFO At AristocratThe Australian slot-game developer, Aristocrat, has already announced their signing with Julie Cameron-Doe as a CFO. She is due to take over after, Toni Korsanos.
Aristocrat said that the new CFO Cameron-Doe will succeed Korsanos after regulatory pre-approvals and after Korsanos assisting her transition until he retires in March next year.
As a quick introduction, Cameron offers her more than 20 years of experience in finance roles as a senior all over the globe, including Europe, Australia and now heading towards North America, after Trevor Croker, the CEO, and Managing Director.
Mr. Croker on this move stated how pleased he is of nominating Julie Cameron-Doe to be the new CFO of Aristocrat. He pointed out that she is solely driven by results of a strategy and that she is a leader with an extraordinary influence developed while leading the finance department in Aristocrat. He also pointed out that she contributed greatly to successful M&A and that she had crucial positions in critical projects for the enterprise.

He also pointed out that Toni Korsanos will stay in charge until Julie is formally appointed as a CFO of the company and will also be there to help her settle in until March 2018 when Toni will leave the company.

He expressed his gratitude to Toni for her dedicated service and wished her luck and success in every field and endeavor taken in the future. Finally, he congratulated Julie for her appointment with the company and finished the speech.
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