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Catena Media Welcomes New CFO Pia-Lena Olofsson

Catena Media Welcomes New CFO Pia-Lena Olofsson

27.11.2017 05:04
New CFO at Catena MediaPia-Lena Olofsson is about to take over the Maltese Catena Media Affiliate Network as a new CFO. She is supposed to take over after Claes Wenthzel.
It has already been confirmed from Catena that Wenthzel wanted to resign because of some family issues, however, he will not stop working for the company, at least until March 2018, when the interim report is due to be published. After that in Catena Media Olofson will take over as a CFO.
Olofson taking over as a CFO is not something new for her as she already is employed as a CFO of Catena Operations, an extension of Catena Media. Even before start working at the International Group of innovative companies - Catena, Pia-Lena has been a CFO at CAP-listed bank, which provides worldwide financing solution, Collector AB.
She has a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Gothenburg plus another Executive Master Degree in Business Administration from Warwick Business School.
The current CEO of Catena Media, Henrik P. Ekdahl, gave a statement regarding her appointment in Catena Media and stated, how they feel glad about getting Pia-Lena in their team at Catena Media, and with her great experience as a Chief Financial Officer in OMX Large-Cap she will be a very important asset the in growth of the company. 
Regarding the outgoing CFO, Wenthzel, Ekdahl added meanwhile how he feels gratitude to Claes Wenthzel for giving a contribution to the company, and wishing him bright future, although for capabilities that Claes shows during the company transition period. 
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