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Former model to be brought to justice over illicit gambling
Former model to be brought to justice over illicit gambling

Former model to be brought to justice over illicit gambling

29.08.2017 11:31
Although not popular in the western world, or most other places, Anupama Jain is a former Indian model whose name will be relatively popular around the country, but she’s now in the news for the most unlikely and, can we say, immodest reason.
 New Delhi gambling ring hung up to dry-1
Jain was one of 25 people detained in the latest raid by the Indian police force tackling illegal gambling activities in New Delhi, but the bigger difference to that of the normal raids conducted by police was that it took place in one of the “posher” and more upmarket areas of the city, in Greater Kailash.
It’s not really known or publicised just how long this gambling racket was going on at the home of Anupama Jain for certain, but the police themselves received notification, a tip, at some point in the early hours of Saturday morning with the raid itself happening on the same day – a quick mobilisation and swift action from the Indian Police who have conducted many similar raids recently and are making strong headway in their battle against this activity.
The raid itself presented a confiscation of 45 playing card packs, a poker table, 2k+ chips, bingo game, money counting machine and more as well as around 11k USD equivalent of Indian Rupees.
It was the neighbours of the home that became suspicious and tipped off the local police – of course, several people arriving and leaving in taxis from the same house everyday isn’t really something you’d ignore or miss, albeit you’d probably hope that it was a gambling house rather than anything else more untoward!
New Delhi gambling ring hung up to dry-2
Gambling is, mostly, illegal in India but a large portion of their people do actively seek out such gambling houses and institutions to get involved in the casino and poker style games they offer which does in turn lead to just why the Indian Government and their Police are so busy tackling so many illegal ventures all over the different states.
Yes, there are hopes that the Indian laws may be relaxed, changed or bend slightly to lessen the activities being so illegally performed or corrupt, but that’s more hearsay and whispers although these have gather far more pace in 2017, so there may well be changes coming.
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