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Global Gaming Appoints New Head Of Affiliates

Global Gaming Appoints New Head Of Affiliates

07.11.2017 02:52
The new Head of Affiliates chosen to take over Global Gaming, Elaine Gardiner already has a great experience in the affiliate sector to offer. She has worked as an Affiliate Program Manager for the Cherry Group ever since 2013. She can also offer her experience as an affiliate manager at the online gambling company named YouWin. There are also more than eight years of experience she brings to the table when speaking about the position she earned for herself. Elaine can be held responsible for the success and the whole developing process of Omarsys’ affiliate tracking software and ever since she has been nominated not once, but two times for the Best Casino Affiliate Manager Award, awarded at the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards, or simply, in other words, the Oscars for the iGaming industry.

New Head Of Affiliates At Global GamingAs from 1st November, Gardiner’s new position is to take over the overall affiliate program and to make sure it develops in the right direction. She is also responsible for developing the B2C brands: Ninja Casino, Kotikasino, and Viking Slots.

Morten Madsen, the Global Gaming’s CMO, publicly stated that she is a pleasure to get and have on his team. Also, that they deem her knowledge priceless and claim that she will be of great help to Global Gaming when it comes to boosting their overall performance. They have Cherry Affiliates as their proof of her ability to influence the right way.

Mr. Madsen also added that there was not going about the decision as they immediately took action to get her on board when they heard about her magic followed by the success of her previous projects. Global Gaming actually sees a lifetime investment in her as a direct reason for their future developments and successes and they can't wait to see her first results.

On the other hand, Elaine adds that she is ecstatic about the opportunity she has in front of her and can’t wait to dedicate herself to this new stage of her career. She also adds that she shares the company’s ambitions and would like to stress that she will enjoy this fast-growing pace of the company. She already has a couple of projects aligned for herself and can’t wait to get the first results.

New Head Of Affiliates At Global Gaming
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