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Atlantic City Magical Revenue Numbers 7 Months In a Row
Atlantic City Magical Revenue Numbers 7 Months In a Row

Atlantic City Magical Revenue Numbers 7 Months In a Row

17.10.2017 07:04
Quarter 1 was a high profile time for Atlantic City as the New Jersey casino’s when they published the major operating profit increases with their 30.4% rise against Q1 of 2016, you can read all about the Q1 success here.
But let’s talk today and let’s talk now, and let’s talk about it being the 7th (!) straight month where the monthly revenue exceeded a whopping $20m – all from the state’s regulated online casinos. To meet such expectations and values is impressive in one month or a few months, but for 7 months in a row to not only meet such a value, but completely surpass and exceed them in extraordinary fashion.
Atlantic City: New Jerseys’ Seventh Heaven-1
The magic number for September, lucky number 7, was reported to a staggering $20.4m in the month which in itself is a 26% increase to the same month in 2016. The value is lower than its predeceasing month of August where the revenue touched about $1m more at $21.4m in total, it’s still an obscene amount of turnover for what you consider is 30 days.
If you’re wondering, the generation per day in the online casinos is about $657,799!
It’s not only online gambling that’s making money and generating improved month of month revenues, as the land-based, the real-building, in-person gambling in the NJ casinos themselves generated well over $200m in the month of September which again is an increase against 2016, a % increase of just over 4%.
Atlantic City: New Jerseys’ Seventh Heaven-2
There were differing statistics and improvements across a few different land based casinos;
Borgata (pictured) + 9.6%
Golden Nuggets + 14.1%
Harrah’s + 8.1%
Bally’s + 0.1%
Caesars + 1.7%
Resorts World + 5.4%
Its another prime example of how regulated markets can prosper -the legalised online gambling market in New Jersey is makes giant strides of success as you can see with these numbers coming out of financial reports – you wouldn’t believe that not even 10 years ago the position of gambling affairs in the very same state was not lucrative, profitable nor financially stable.
Now, if you look at total financial numbers for the 2017 year, it’s about $184m in revenue from online casinos online in the state of New Jersey so far, this year and, if the trend of $20m+ a month carries on, they’ll smash the records they’ve set in previous years and could end with a surpassing of £250m total revenue, an incredible increase to the $197n of 2016!
Atlantic City is prosperous online and on the land, what once was a troubled and struggling industry in the state is now the leading revenue and turnover generator – and it’s all come from legalization and control.
We keep reporting it, and we keep saying it – self-sufficiency is reigning supreme.
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