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Neymar Reacts as Barca Look to Legal Actions

Neymar Reacts as Barca Look to Legal Actions

24.08.2017 14:36
Messi, Suarez, Neymar – MSN – a 3 letter abbreviation that struck fear into the defensive hearts of any football team in the world was recently disbanded as Paris St Germain defied all realms of sanity and may well have broken the bank with the €222m signing of Neymar from FC Barcelona.
The Catalan giants cashed in on this outrageous offer and Neymar was officially unveiled as PSG player last week and is reported to be very happy with the move and not so happy about higher management during his time with Barca.
Neymar Reacts as Barca Look to Legal Actions-1
However, after a scintillating home debut in Paris, Neymar is now the target of legal proceedings as Barcelona have stated and are preparing to sue the young Brazilian for his part in the transfer dealings en route to Paris – charges and actions that the player himself has now retorted to and ensured the media of his intentions to battle this case.
The root of the issue, leading to the lawsuit, is based on contractual disputes – primarily the payment of bonuses that were paid to Neymar when we signed his most recent contract. It’s claimed by Barcelona that at the time of Neymar agreeing to and signing his 5-year contract in December 2016, he received a €8.5 sign-on/renewal bonus, only to then leave the club 9 months later.
It’s strange, in our opinion, for a club to take these actions after they accept, agree and authorize the player to leave; doing so before sanctioning the player's transfer would probably be better for all parties. The question of whether Barca can or even should be looking to reclaim renewal bonuses is a heated discussion, as they are the ones who indeed approved the player to leave.
Neymar Reacts as Barca Look to Legal Actions-2
This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in football, and most certainly not the first time Barcelona’s board have taken this action albeit the past attempts having a not-so-great record.
Former president Juan Laporte was sued by FC Barcelona some years ago with blame laid at his feet for alleged losses during his tenure as club president – Laporte won this case and Barcelona received nothing from this ill-guided legal case, and it may well be the same here with Neymar.
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Gligor 20.09.2017 09:46
Strange things have a tendency to occur more often should an insane amount of money is implicated in any kind of way. Sad, great players are put under peer pressure due to these issues and this financial madness should stop sooner rather than later, or football will lose its' entire beauty..
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