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Russian Police Raid Park City Hotel After Illicit Gambling
Russian Police Raid Park City Hotel After Illicit Gambling

Russian Police Raid Park City Hotel After Illicit Gambling

12.06.2017 13:02

Here it goes again! According to Crime Russia, the state police busted up the Park City Hotel in Chelyabinsk last week after reports of illegal casino operations taking place. Among the confiscated apparatus was a roulette table, five poker tables as well as thousands of chips.
Park City Hotel is owned by the family of a local businessperson Alexander Karelin. Mr. Karelin is husband to Marina Karelina, who is the Chelyabinsk City Duma deputy and she also works as the Park City Hotel director. It is not the attempt to stop illegal gambling here. Authorities reported that the police had previously raided the hotel and confiscated gambling equipment back in the winter of 2014 also.

Illegal casino in Russia

Now consider this, there are only six territories in Russia where gambling is legal. The city of Chelyabinsk is the capital of Chelyabinsk Oblast; this is one of the territories that do not allow gambling. Just four of these six territories allow gambling activities, they are;

  • Siberian Coin
  • Amber
  • Azov City
  • Primorye

Another operation is about to be set up in Sochi with its establishment understood to be the last territory in Crimea where gambling will be allowed.

As stated by the Russian police, there were notable persons among the VIP clients of the clandestine casino; Yuri Gusak’s son was one of them. Yuri Gusak is the region’s ex-Head of the Criminal Investigation of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate. According to the public prosecution service estimations, the illegal earnings of the clandestine casino amounted to $109,600 at least. There are no comments from Marina Karelina’s available in the issue.

The police initiated an action for violation of Art. 171.2, item (a) part 2 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Organizing and Conducting Gambling, connected with deriving a particularly large income) against Mr. Martin Tsekov, the person who signed the agreement to rent the hotel rooms and the alleged owner of the casino.
Interestingly, we did not hear from the police officials that anyone was imprisoned in the case, given that Chelyabinsk police conducts illegal gambling raids in a speedy fashion. For example, since May 15, 2017, it is reported that police officers confiscated more than a hundred gambling equipment units and initiated six criminal prosecutions for gambling activities.

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