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Czech Republic Expect New Gambling Restrictions
Czech Republic Expect New Gambling Restrictions

Czech Republic Expect New Gambling Restrictions

02.09.2017 11:49
It’s a topic long discussed, with valid points on both sides, and that discussion is about the impact of free bets, bonuses and all sorts of other promotions on the gamblers themselves.
On one side you have the defence, in which the receivers of the bonuses and promotions feel no bearing or pressure from them and more so see the leisure and recreational uses of such items, and not let this affect them in anyway more than they are intended.
Turn it around, the argument against, the continuation offering of free things for depositing into new accounts, existing accounts, placing certain amounts of bets or turnover can lead to a heightening of addiction, to the initial gambling or to the chase of loses or “the big win”.
Promotional Restrictions For Czech Republic-1
The Czech Ministry of Finance has issued a document that details its concerns over the promotions that operators offer to customers, such offering induces customers into problematic gambling and need strict and in-depth control mechanisms in place to protect people who choose to gamble online.
Part of the report can be seen below;
“The casinos, appealing to instant and seemingly easy winnings, have become typical not only of the suburbs of the Czech cities, but also of the centres of smaller municipalities, and all of the related socially harmful activities pose a threat to public order and peaceful coexistence.
Given the fact that gambling is an area of business that carries a negative social cost, as it causes pathological gambling and associated undesirable manifestations in a particular part of the population, a new legal framework has been put in place to improve consumer protection, the conditions under which gambling can be run, and not only the conditions relating to the direct provision of gambling, but also related activities such as advertising and others.”
Promotional Restrictions For Czech Republic-2
The new regulations regarding this area is now in full force in the Czech market, and this may well be a catalyst for change all over the world due to always present and growing concerns from varying countries and regions about this specific element.
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Gligor 26.09.2017 07:55
Gambling restrictions are growing more rigorous every year but some aspects of it are actually for players own good, such as enhanced consumer protection and averting a potential negative social cost in the form of pathological gambling manifestations etc.
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