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Realistic Roulette - the first 3D table game

Realistic Roulette - the first 3D table game

02.08.2018 12:39

Realistic Roulette - the first 3D table game-1Realistic Games, which is based in UK, has been providing content for companies like bet365 and Ladbrokes since 2002. They branched out to mobile casino games in 2011, trying out new and innovative approaches to game development.

Their latest release - Realistic Roulette, is the first 3D table game that allows players to change their perspective within the game. Online casinos have been offering roulettes for a long time and there is only so much to do to distinguish one’s products from the rest of the market. Rules to the game are fixed and rarely change so many resort to the playing experience to improve their products.

Realistic Roulette offers a more realistic playing experience with new and innovative features

Realistic Roulette, which was created with WebGL allows the players to change their view in a 3D environment as well as look around by panning the camera. This is an innovative feature that adds more realism to the experience. In addition, the game uses real-life land-based ball spins which make the roulette look more convincing. Besides the innovative design, the game features the La Partage rule and offers a return to player of about 98%.
Robert Lee, who is the commercial director of Realistic Games commented on the new game: “As we have seen with slots, customers are attracted to a quality product which has been thoughtfully put together and contains innovative features. Realistic Roulette is a high-end table game that is unlike anything else on the market. More experienced players will love its authenticity, whilst the younger generation will appreciate its top-quality graphics, sound, and animation. We’re delighted to have been able to harness the latest technology to produce something truly unique and give our operating partners a genuine point of difference when it comes to this very important part of their product portfolio."

Realistic Roulette is not the first 3D game offered by Realistic Games

Before Realistic Roulette, the company tested the new 3D design with a slot game called Black Ice. The game, which was released in May was used to gauge the users’ interest in a 3D environment and the ability to change the perspective while playing. “Black Ice is our first 3D slot and we are very excited to bring this new development to our operating partners. We can’t wait to see how players will react. This latest technology is fantastic and has allowed us to deliver an experience unlike any other game currently on the market. This is another exciting and positive step for us as we continue to grow, and we are confident that Black Ice will add another dimension to our expanding portfolio,” - commented Mr. Lee.
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