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2017 Has Been Good for Malta’s Gaming Industry

2017 Has Been Good for Malta’s Gaming Industry

27.11.2017 04:50
Rising Figures in Malta Gaming Industry For 2017 The (MGA) Maltese Gaming Authority has announced their details from their six months work in 2017, and they come out with the information that the gaming business brings almost 12% of its entire economic revenue.
In the public announcement, the Maltese Gaming Authority made known that the gaming increases the budget of the economy of Malta for € 556 million, and it is rising every year. In the year 2016, compared to an interval of one-year was 11.8%, and with that gaming industry proved that is one of the first three most productive sectors in the Maltese economy.
The gaming industry in Malta directly brings a quantity larger than 6,600 full-time workers during the end of first six months in 2017 and for the same period they contribute with tax revenues of €29m, or that is 5.5% of the whole tax revenue from the gaming business.
However, Malta is like a magnet for licensed online gaming companies and the number is growing all the time. Now it is 6% through the first six months of 2017, although casinos which are based in Malta and gaming parlors going up by 13.8% compared with the last year report.
The Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) is one step in front the other's country which taking seriously to think carefully legalizing the digital currencies all over the casinos. Malta Gaming Authority's Executive Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri, said that Malta Gaming Authority will continue upgrading their efficiency and improving the systems and do everything to protect the players, with high standards of giving all the best in the process of being Malta the global leader and stand as a superior regulator.
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