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UK Gambling Commission Supports The Consumers
UK Gambling Commission Supports The Consumers

UK Gambling Commission Supports The Consumers

28.03.2018 09:45

UK Gambling Commission develop a new plan for safer gambling for consumers

The new action plan was announced by the UK Online Commission referring to additional regulations of online gambling. The new proposed regulation should strength controls 
and improve protection of children as online game consumers.
The Chief Executive of UK Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur stated that the gambling market in Britain is the most regulated in the world and the new action plan is a move for even better, safer and fairer gambling for the consumers.

The actions of new regulation

The new additional regulation include actions as
  • Blocking gaming operators if the age of the consumer is not checked before
providing a free play of demo games
  •  The operators should set limits related to consumer’s spending 
  • The process of age verification should be very quick and effective
One of the moves for safer gambling is banning gamers to use their credit cards for gambling, in order to stop the consumers to gamble more than they could afford to spend. 
The UK Gaming Commission report said that the principles of regulation should not allow consumers to gamble with money that they haven’t got.
The new measures will be against unacceptable advertising and marketing and also unfair plays. Then they will provide improving procedures related to complaints and disputes and offer more strength interaction with consumers that maybe need support for their gambling problems.
Mr. McArthur explained that the proposals on a first place have a task for better protection
of children, to reduce the risks of unsafe consumers and to warn the operators that they should take steps to know the customers and protect them before they experienced harm.
In the last year, the profits in the UK Gambling industry increased by 10 %, reaching £4.7bn,
thanks to the participation of online gambling with 18.3% of the population, which is high than 2014 when it was 15.5%.
The previous period was very busy for UK Gambling Commission, providing to UK Government recommendations on fixed odds betting terminals. The proposals related to the maximum stake on slots machines should be cut on £2 and recommendations were also for non-slots machines including roulette, maximum stake should be cut up to £30.

UK Gambling Commission Supports The Principles For Protecting ConsumersUK Gambling Commission long-term strategy

The UK Gambling Commission announcement for a long-term strategy for 2018 include:
  • Evaluating the effects of the consumer’s current available tools for managing their gambling
  • The characteristics of the gambling product should be reviewed to find whether some of the features initiate bigger risk of harm than the others
  • Requirments for customer funds protection should be reviewed in order to find out if their accounts are sufficiently protected.  
  • Gambling considering on credit should be prohibited.
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