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UKGC Changes CEO Sarah Harrison

UKGC Changes CEO Sarah Harrison

11.12.2017 01:05
Sarah Harrison Steps Down From Her CEO Position in UKGCSarah Harrison’s announcement that she is stepping down from her position with UKGC surprised everyone. She was a well-known Chief Executive with the UK Gambling Commission.
Her resignation will be enforced at the end of February 2018. She will be then awarded a position within the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.
The Chairman of the UK Gambling Commission, Bill Moyes, commented the sudden announcement as he saw it. He made it clear that treating the Gambling Commission's customers fairly above all is their ultimate priority as well as making the game itself being safer to play. So, the decision was made solely upon these aims.

He also mentioned that Harrison was the one that gave direction to these goals and that him, including the entire Board, wish her all the luck and success in her future endeavors and look forward to seeing her settle into her new position.

Sarah’s announcement stated that she is more than proud of the work done with the Commission. She is also very confident in their new agenda and believes that they will deliver with these structural changes planned. She honestly hopes that this strategy will make Britain a safer and fairer place for its players.
The search for Sarah’s successor is already happening, however, until the right person is found to take her place, the Commission’s Chief Counsel and Executive Director, Neil McArthur will be appointed as an Acting CEO, starting from the very beginning of March, 2018, until a further announcement is made regarding the new CEO who will take the position as a permanent CEO.
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