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Second The Best As Coljuergos Says Yes To Corredor

Second The Best As Coljuergos Says Yes To Corredor

19.09.2017 19:15
Colombia’s regulatory body, Colljuegos, has announced this week that they have issued their 2nd gambling license to the South American operator known as Corredor Empresarial S.A – a provider of lottery & chance games as well as sports betting, slots, roulette and more, all from the Betplay domain.
Seconds Up for Colombian licensing..-1
Corredor Empresarial S A was founded in 2008 and its corporate address is in Bogota, Colombia. They provide variable platforms for online gambling such as LIGA14 and MEGAGOL for sports betting, with innovative games and engaging content like Super Astro Sol and Super Astro Luna.
A 5-year license is said to have been issued following earlier agreements this year with European operator Kambi Sports Solutions.
It’s not that well known to a lot of people in the industry that Colombia was the first Latin American country to approve online gambling, formally at least, late last year and it’s now starting to be solid ground to operators across the world to take camp and start attracting users, but only once they are licensed with priority, cleverly, given to local and Colombian national companies so that they generate, sustain and turnover healthy revenue – to give the operators the chances to gain customers and loyalty before the bigger powerhouses may take refuge within the country and soak up the business before the smaller, in-house firms would even get the chance to.
There are over 300 blacklisted operators from across the world that suffered such blockades from July 2017 – this is to go hand in hand with the efforts of allowing the local companies chances at revenue growth and stability with the likelihood of these blacklisted operators being offered the chance to apply for licenses coming in the next months or the fall of 2018.
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